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Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion. All Self Hypnosis scripts are the same. The music used on the Subliminal version differs and can best be clarified by listening to the Audio Sample.

MS = easy listening, SCII = Baroque classical, MSTR = Upbeat, EW = Emerald Webb, Female Voice = Not Barrie

Concentration * Creative Writing * Faster Reading * Good Study Habits * Hypnosis for Hypnotists * Memory Improvement * Self Hypnosis * Taking Exams


Your mind moves from one thought to another, and then another, never staying on one until the task is completed, or as soon as you start one thought your attention is diverted to another. Is it time to take action? Your mind undisciplined. To discipline your mind and bring your thoughts into logical patterns, you must learn to concentrate on a single thought until you elect to discharge it from your mind. If you want to improve every area of your life from school to work, begin at the beginning. “Begin training your mind. Today.

This program helps provide the key to logical, organized mental ability to concentrate on single thoughts, and to keep thinking of them until you are ready to discharge them from your mind. Before you discharge this thought, purchase this program.

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Creative Writing

Are you aware that certain techniques exist that will make it possible for you to write as easily and effortlessly as reading this description? As a writer of two books and over 200 self-hypnosis programs. I have come face-to-face with “writers block” on more than one occasion. When I do, I reach for this program, pop it into the player at my regular bedtime and wait for the results. In less than a week my subconscious will have gathered the information I need and I’ll be ready to put it on paper. Now it couldn’t be any easier than that.

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Faster Reading

The average high school graduate reads under 300 words a minute. There are dozens of speed reading courses on the market that can increase speed and comprehension to thousands of words per minute. This tape contains the same techniques used in courses that cost up to $300 and can produce the same results.

You will begin with speed reading exercises designed to push you past the limits of sub vocalization (speaking the words to yourself you are reading). Once past this barrier, your ability to read at thousands of words per minute, with increased retention, will amaze even you.

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Good Study Habits

Can you imagine, studying can be fun, and learning can be a life-time of pure joy. Think back for a moment, can you remember ever learning how to study? Probably not. That’s why for most, studying is distasteful, boring, tedious and down right difficult. Now, you can change your beliefs and experience about studying and get tuned on to learning. And it’s just as simple as using this hypnotic sleep program at bedtime.

More concerned parents purchase this program for their children than any other tape we offer. The results can be amazing! Attitudes toward school and learning cause a dramatic turnabout. Studying can be fun; learning can be enjoyable. Bring out the hidden potential in your child!

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Hypnosis For Hypnotists

Listen to your client. Usually, it is possible to diagnose his or her problem within the first three sentences of the initial interview. No single program can teach you all you need to know to become a skilled Hypno-therapist. Yet, no other program has ever been created quite like this one, because it opens your mind to receive all the information from the Universe you need to become a talented Hypno-therapist.

Whether you are already practicing or simply considering the profession, this program will increase you skill and awareness. To become a truly outstanding hypnotist, you must take on the consciousness of a professional. Originally, I made this tape to be an exclusive part of the Professional Hypnotist’s Course. I am now making this tape available to anyone interested in hypnosis as a profession.

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Memory Improvement

Everybody has a good memory. Even you. It’s a fact that under hypnosis you can recall everything you have ever heard, seen, or learned. Everything! Yet, too often you cripple your memory facilities by giving yourself suggestions such as “I can’t remember.” If you want to change from “I can’t remember” to “I am remembering,” let us begin.

Use this program, at your regular bedtime, for the next thirty days and develop a photographic memory. Learn to access everything you have ever heard, seen, and read, or experienced. Along with the name of every person you have ever meet.

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Can you imagine living your entire life without ever learning how to use a computer? Well, how about this – can you imagine living your entire life and never learning how to program the most powerful and amazing computer on the planet, your subconscious mind?

Sad but true, most humans will never learn to program their own mind, and will instead, have their mind programmed for them by television and other humans. If you want to take possession of the most wonderful and powerful gift imaginable, a computer of unlimited potential, learn to take control of your mind and begin right here and right now with this program.

On this program you are first guided into a deep state of hypnosis with key phrases and statements, so you can utilize this level of mind any time you choose. When you have reached a certain depth, there is a quiet space where you can enter you own suggestions into your mind. Then, after a while, you are gently guided back to awakening consciousness. Repeated use of this tape can help you develop into a good self-hypnosis subject. This program comes with complete instructions on how to create your own suggestions.

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Taking Exams

Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach when tests are being passed out and instructions given? Do you freeze during exams, even when you know the materials and are well-prepared? During exams, has fear paralyzed your mind so completely that you feel you are going to pass out? None of this has to happen.

Can you picture yourself actually looking forward to taking an exam? To reading over the material, knowing that each and every question will be answered easily, effortlessly, and automatically, confident that all the information you studied is available when you need it? That is what this program will deliver.

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