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Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion. All Self Hypnosis scripts are the same. The music used on the Subliminal version differs and can best be clarified by listening to the Audio Sample.

MS = easy listening, SCII = Baroque classical, MSTR = Upbeat, EW = Emerald Webb, Female Voice = Not Barrie

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The following titles are by Barrie Konicov who has created over 180 Self Hypnosis/Subliminal Persuasion tapes to assist you in changing, modifying, and improving your life. The following page encompasses A-G titles. Look right for view by series ( Audio Series) or Alphabetical (Tapes/CDs on left)

Abortion: The Aftereffects

This tape addresses itself to the aftereffects of abortion; weight gain, headaches, depression, anger, high blood pressure, and sexual dysfunction. These aftereffects generally show up in the seventh, fourteenth, or twenty-first year following the abortion. They must be dealt with now or they will dominate your life. This tape takes no position on abortion. It’s designed to help you heal.

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Abuse Healed Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a quiet inner action It requires courage to willingness on your part to take the first step. This tape is gentle and loving in its approach and will lead you to the peace that you seek.

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Arthritis Pain Relief

Incredible as it seems, hypnosis could help relieve the pain of arthritis – regardless of its location in your body. If properly motivated, certain of your mind centers can he activated through suggestions of progressive relaxation, to increase the flow of warm blood to the afflicted area. You could begin feeling better after the first playing.

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Codependency to Self-Discovery

By definition* a codependent person is one who has let another persons behavior effect him or her, and who is obsessed with controlling that person’s behavior. If you find yourself in this situation and are ready to take a journey to self-discovery, this is the tape for you.

*Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. Harper and Row.

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Death and Dying

We are educated in so many areas! Yet, when it comes to death and dying, only recently have people begun to speak openly on the subject. Death becomes a loving experience for the dying and for the living. Using this tape, you can better understand the dying process.

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This tape (Death and Dying) has helped me so much to feel better about my husband’s passing and my own death when the time comes. – J. M. Chicago, IL


Generally, in a divorce, one person wishes to dissolve the marriage – the other does not. The conflict develops and pain, anxiety and fear result. If you seek the divorce, purchase the tape DIVORCE-YES. This program can help free you mentally, physically and emotionally from the other person.

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If you do not want a divorce, yet have no choice, purchase DIVORCE-NO. This tape can quiet your fear, loosen the tension and pressure, and make it possible for you to live and love again.

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Facial Tic

Your nerves and muscles can repair themselves if you tell them what to do. Your body could respond to a spoken word, telling your nerves and muscles to relax. This tape is designed to lead you, step-by-step, through the correct process.

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Freedom from Drugs

Hypnosis can free you from the physical, mental and emotional dependency on drugs. There is no question about it, hypnosis could help. If you or someone you know needs help with a drug problem or habit, this is the tape to use.

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Freedom from Acne

Part of the problem with acne sufferers is that waste products of the body are being eliminated through the pores of the skin, rather than through other organs of elimination. You can learn to change this.

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Freedom from Allergies

Your body is subject to the whims of your mind. Change your mind and you can change your body! The wife of a friend was allergic to over a dozen substances when he used these techniques with her. Six months later she had three cats living in their home even though she was once very allergic to them.

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Freedom from Guilt

Guilt can eat you, gnaw at you, and tear you apart. Even if there are no logical or rational reasons for it, guilt is there. It can influence every part of your life, being a heavy burden, until you willingly release it Be kind and gentle to yourself. Use this tape and let your guilt go!

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Freedom from Sexual Guilt

The past is too often alive in the present Until you stop tormenting yourself for past sexual conduct, you may not allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of the moment. It has been estimated that nearly 85 percent of the population carries sexual guilt with them, in one form or another. I believe this is completely unnecessary. Isn’t it time you let go of the past and got on with life?

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Freedom from Worry

If you only could turn it off. Your thoughts keep racing. Your mind is in the future. You spend your time creating dazzling and confusing games with options, decisions, and “what if’s.” Worry is unproductive, unnecessary and totally useless. Most of what you worry about does not ever happen; but knowing that sometimes does not help. This tape can teach you how to turn your mind to peaceful, harmonious thoughts.

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Get More Joy Out of Sex

(Male or Female Version)

It is amazing. In this society, we are bombarded with more mixed messages concerning sex, pleasure and our bodies than most of us can handle. By the time we complete all the requirements and stop looking over our shoulders, many of us are so uptight and confused that we cannot fully and freely enjoy the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure. A healthy and robust sex life is a beautiful facet of a fulfilling relationship. You deserve all the pleasure you can get.

FEMALE Version

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MALE Version

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I purchased one of your tapes entitled “Get More Joy Out of Sex – Female.” It has been an abundant source of relaxation and mental improvement for me. L.D., Concord, CA

Gay and Unhappy

Whether you are bothered by thoughts of homosexuality, have experienced it or are living that lifestyle now, your sexuality is a creative thought process. The thoughts may be yours or they may belong to people around you. This tape will enable you to restructure those thought processes and reorient your sexuality.

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I believe completely in the effectiveness of hypnosis and use it daily. After my own successful weight loss, many began to ask me for help, so I now have begun to teach weight loss through hypnosis, using your tape as a part of the program. – A.H. Auburn, CA