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Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Here you’ll find some of the unsolicited comments that users of Potentials Unlimited® tapes have sent in.

Hi there,
Many years ago- 15 or so- I was a newly sobered up heroin addict and this was under duress- I was forced by my loving family to get off that crippling drug. On a visit to a bookstore I found the tape freedom from drugs and I was desperate not to waste the chance at a new life and I gave it a shot. I hope you can assist with ridding others of the innate desperation that a drug addict feels whereby there seems no point in quitting as there is nothing to look forward to. The tape made me value myself as a person and know that there was indeed a great future for me. There are many recovered (I don’t use recovering for myself- although whatever works for someone is good) addicts out there just waiting for them to sober up so we can welcome them in their new and exciting lives. 15 years later I still recall snippets and have never ever felt the urge to use that drug again and I wanted to say thank you as you may not know me but you gave me a life of choice and success. I found my old tape when spring cleaning and thought it was time I said thank you stranger. I hope you have helped many others and I’m so pleased that your methods have provided success to yourself as well.
Sincerest regards, Dawn C., Melbourne

I am writing to tell you that I have used your tapes in the past with great success. Now I need your help again. Bill W. Arcadia, FL

“Barrie is a national treasure. His recordings have helped me personally & helped my patients as well. ” Phyllis K., Posted on Face book

In amazon I was searching for subliminal healing. I saw Barrie and then once I had a name, the Google search was easy – I did not have the name previously. I love that your cds have it all – music, guided self-hypnosis AND subliminal healing. It is an all in one format that I have not ever found elsewhere. The minute I tried your sample and heard the voice and that wonderful greeting, I knew I had found you again and was sooooo happy ! Aileen K., Oakland, NJ

I began with tapes in the early 80s and have been helped tremendously. I have since recommended the program to friends over the years. Thanks. Charles N., Huntington, MA

I received the CD a few days ago and listened to it the past two nights. THANK YOU so much, this is the correct tape from all those many years ago that did so much good for me.
Janet W., West Palm Beach, FL

In my teen years I was lucky enough to have picked up an Audio Cassette of Barry Konicov’s Relaxation collection when I was having trouble sleeping I was able at the same time to find a few more and over the years wore the tapes down to nearly nothing. For many years now I have tried to find a stockist in Australia as I didn’t have a credit card to purchase items from overseas and it seemed to hard to work out the exchange rate to send a cheque. Luckily I sent Potential Unlimited an email and found out I could purchase the items using Pay Pal which is accessible with a savings account. To also save money on postage I noticed we were able to just purchase the MP3 track which was downloadable to your own hard Drive. I though I have come this far why not live on the edge. Well the instructions were so simple to follow and within 10 minutes I had both tracks onto a cd and playing in my cd player. The tracks were still the same and was like going back in time I find Barry’s Voice is so comforting and feel so safe while the tracks are playing. I can’t wait now to Purchase some of his other MP3 that were never available in Australia. Thank you so much Suzanne R., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

FYI – I have been using Potentials Unlimited products since the 1980s- they are truly life changers.
Thanks and take care, Jennifer L., Iowa City, IA

I am a huge fan of Barrie’s work. I’ve tried many other hypnosis and supposed subliminal persuasion recordings. And not one of them have given me the results I get from Potentials Unlimited series. so happy to have found you are now doing downloadable versions. Thank you, I can’t wait for bedtime to hear Barrie’s familiar and trusted voice guiding my sub-conscious to a positive outcome. Regards, Natalie C Sydney NSW Australia

Hi Good Morning, I want to thank you for this material that you are offering since long time ago, I bought your tape Capricornio, unfortunately I lost the Tape, and searching in the internet I found your site!!! I purchased on line the MP3 capricornio and now I am working on it. My Best regards, Jose Luis H. Mexico City

Thanks for your emails. I just wanted to let you know that I’m a total fan of Barrie’s and have been for years. I think it’s funny that when I start to read your emails and see the “Hello, Greetings, and Welcome,” I pretty much take in a deep breath for a mental count of four and start to go under ASAP. Cracks me up. Thanks for everything. Christine M., Boise, Idaho

As the owner of a small business, I have found the Subconscious Sales Power, Getting The Raise You Deserve, and Money-Prosperity tapes (or Mp3’s) quite helpful. The Subconscious Sales Power tape always helps me to maintain a positive, loving, confident and enthusiastic approach to offering others my gifts. Getting The Raise You Deserve inspires me to serve in a selfless, and joyful way; expressing excellence in all that I do, Money-Prosperity is a catalyst that opens my mind to the endless possibilities for abundance and blessings that are always around us. Together, these three tapes have helped me to hold a consciousness that attracts prosperity in my work and in my life. Thank you so much! Nancy S., D.C., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thanks,Twenty three years ago I bought my first tape and I am still purchasing tapes 26 years later. The subliminal persuasion messages on the tapes do in deed work! Those words are clearly spoken and soothing to my mind. The suggestions on the tapes are realistic and for me, easy to follow. Potentials Unlimited, you are the best! Yvonne R. Detroit, MI

I am referring to Potentials unlimited specifically. I currently run a meeting for survivors of abuse which is a twelve step approach and also attend codependents anonymous. I have particularly felt that the hypnosis has become the foundation of my recovery and perhaps it has and is the only time and for any length of time that I fill myself with positive, healthy and deserved affirmations that come through all night as I leave my hypnosis running throughout the night. I know that when things start to become chaotic in anyway I can come and use the potentials unlimited soothing approach to remind me that it is ok to be me and I begin to feel connected again. Each recording is specific unlike other hypnosis I have come across. Soon the MP3 I am currently listening will make up my past as I move onto to more success, confidence and character building recordings. I could not listen now to any one but Barry, I feel like he has become the friend I always wanted and he is always there when I need him. I have already recommended many friends to the site and will continue to do so for the rest of time. Angela H. United Kingdom

Dear Stephanie: Thank you for answering my email. I know Barrie is your Dad and wonder if he really knows how valuable his products were to everyone. There have been so many other subliminal suppliers since he started – and I must admit I’ve tried them but all they did was make me feel strange, putting it mildly. I hope he takes back his title. I do have How to Attract Love and have listened to it on and off, but now I will make it my priority. I am so happy to hear he is writing again and will check the website for the intro. All my best to you and my appreciation to your Dad. Angela P New York City, NY

I had most of Barrie’s tapes but they all got destroyed in the flood in my basement, Please tell Barrie that I’ve heard other Hypnotists and he’s by far the best!!! Tim C. Ottawa OH

Dear Mr. Konicov – I have been listening to your programs for at least 25 years as many of my friends and family have been as well. Please! We are hoping you will create new programs. There has never been or never will be anyone as good as you. We hope you come back to us soon. since we are older now – 40’s 50’s and many of us are either divorced or have been thru hard times – a program from you about how to regain love and happiness would help so much in these tough times – you have always given us hope. Maintaining good health and overall good luck programs would be inhaled also from so many of us. Thank you for your many years of listening and my best wishes to you. Sincerely, Angela P. NYC, NY

Hi Steph and crew!
I’m glad I found you again. I’ve looked for Potentials Unlimited numerous times in the past and could never find you. Back in the early 1980’s I ordered several hundred of your dad’s tapes intending to distribute them back then. I think there might have been 25 or so title back then – I’m amazed at the number you have now – wow! Relieve Stress and Anxiety and Agoraphobia helped me get through an extremely bad time in life way back when. Although I lost all those tapes in storage years ago after moving, I always remembered them with fondness and the sound of your dad’s voice guiding me through black, endless nights. I’ve already referred a friend of mine to you this evening. Thanks again and I’m so glad I “re-found” you! Frank N.Salem, Oregon

Dear Stephanie, The tapes are working so well, I want to share one with my daughter-in-law. I’ve placed an order for self healing. If you want to apply the $11.00 credit that we left with on Wed. to this order, that is fine with us. Thanks, Mary

I am a returning customer from the 80’s I have your tapes but I wanted to get the MP3 on my I-pod its better for my mobility and nights, I love your tapes and I am referring you to my sister and friends as I have always. Thanks a million. John Allen

I am from Dublin in Ireland. I will be in touch with more orders through the year as I am getting great results from the ones I have already. Kind wishes. Andy Brady

I love your Self Hypnosis series so much I tell all my friends I have been using the tapes since the 80’s and they work for me so well I don’t use anything else. I’m still using them and I have the original tapes to boot. I used them until they wore out. Keep it up guys your great! Michael Gutzait Denver, Colorado

Thank you for your letter and yes, The Potentials Unlimited tapes are great. I started using them in the 80s and off and on I have used them and trust them. They give you the extra push you need to get going in the area you want. I will be ordering another CD soon here too. Rachashael G. via email

Dear Barrie Konicov, Of Potentials Unlimited® I began listening to your tapes in 1989. I truly believe they have helped me to be a better Mother, Wife and Person in all areas of my life. One huge challenge I have had is Smoking at Christmas I received a IPod from my husband I ordered several mp3s one of which was “Stop Smoking”. I have smoked for 40+ years after listening to your tape for 3 weeks I lost the desire to smoke and have been smoke free for 2months with no with drawls and no cravings. I believe it is the work of the Lord through your words. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and I know my children and grand children and great grand children thank you also as you have helped to change my life and extend it. Sincerely Jean Ray Glendale, Arizona

Thank you for your help. I’ve tried a few hypnosis tapes from various websites, but Barrie’s are the only ones I can actually relax to. Barrie’s voice is very calm and soothing, Thank you for your help and for your wonderful tapes. D.S. Australia

My husband & I met Barry at an L.A. tradeshow 25 years ago. We have been listening to his cassette tapes for that many years. Finally today, I surfed the internet to find you. Sending congratulations on your success and thanks so much for still being around! We perform interactive entertainment that utilizes the tools. Sending Blessings and Great Thanks & Praises for your great works, Gayle & Joe L., Largo, FL

Hello Mr Konikov. I am probably one of thousands who have written to say thank you. I first bought your tape on depression in 1985 or thereabouts and since then I have mostly been in control…every now and then I have to have a re cap with you. Twenty odd years have passed but your messages were so important to me. Manifestation is now the buzz word, which you have upheld from the beginning. I am so grateful to you. Where is your tape for Depression? I don’t need it but I’m sure many do. Kind regards Vivienne F.

Hello I found you online after a long search for this audio tape. I used this tape years ago for quite some time, and I believe it helped me tremendously. Now I find myself dealing with anxiety issues and insomnia and I searched my home high and low for the tape that brought me relief. I remember the soothing three word introduction and started my online search from there.. I also just now ordered the audio tape for insomnia. I thank you for your help and for these wonderful helpful tapes. L M.

Presently, I am using the tape, Be Positive, and can say that good things have come my way since! I am a free-lance writer and only got back into writing recently. I believe the Be Positive tape helped me to gain the self-confidence and the right attitude and frame of mind to land some writing assignments with a few magazines in the last week. I have to say, I think the tape has certainly helped me get on the right track here! Best Regards, Isabel



Hello, I want to thank you personally for your product. 11 years ago I joined the Air Force at the age of 18. When I went to my technical training (9 month school) after boot camp, I was a nervous wreck. My first couple months I struggled tremendously with my classes, then I ran across one of your audio tapes for memory improvement at the local mall book store. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. After trying it out, I noticed some improvements, and purchased another tape on concentration. I went from barely getting by to 100% on every test for my remaining 6 months I was there. I wanted to let you know the difference it made for me. Thank you, Thomas Phoenix, AZ

Barrie: I am glad that I am getting this opportunity to contact you. I am a complete believer in your products and the power of self-hypnosis. Allow me to briefly explain my success with your product. Back in around 1984, my mother purchased a self-hypnosis cassette for my father. He claims that he had used it one time and had quit smoking cold-turkey. The tape was lying around the house and I had decided to try it out for positive influence upon my baseball abilities. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and I started listening to one of your tapes every evening before I went to bed during baseball season. At the time, I was a pretty decent baseball player, but, never an outstanding hitter. That season, out of the blue, I hit .549. It seems to me during that period of time, I came to the plate with a clear mind and felt like I was going to hit the ball every time that I had stepped into the box. The following season. I went into a complete slump. I batted .286 for the season. I did not use the self-hypnosis cassettes. My senior year (1987), I started the season batting 1-19. My coach was down and me and I was down on my self. It popped into my head that I should try using the self hypnosis cassettes again. I ended up batting .526 for the rest of the season. In fact, my final batting average was an even .400 for the season. This was the precise goal I had suggested for myself. My freshman year of college, I lent the tape to a friend who was a punter for Akron University (OH). That season, he was the sixth rated punter in the nation. He had also lost the tape. I would like to get my fingers back on the duplicate cassette. I still have the cassette case and sleeve. Possibly, if I could send these to you, I could re-purchase this tool that I had found to be very valuable. Currently, I am an engineer. I would like to use your products again to help me with my creative thinking abilities. Creativity is what sets good engineers apart from great ones. I have to go. I assure you that everything that I have written is 100% true. I hope to contact you again soon re-purchase an old lost friend. Yours Truly, J.. Galay Greenville, TX

Hey Barrie! I am sort of amazed to be speaking with you, as your tapes have made a big impact in my life. I don’t want to sound like I am Glamorizing them, but in my case, they just hit the spot. When I was 13 I went and lived with my brother for a semester of school. I was having problems at home, and everyone agreed that it was a good idea. So, as time went on I developed into what you might call a hippie. Long hair, I loved the Grateful Dead, and music was a big part of my life. Anyway, I was extremely interested in the metaphysical. I got books from the library, and talked about it with anyone I could. Come to find out, my brother was somewhat interested in some similar things. He and his girlfriend did Yoga, and then, I found his collection of your tapes! I began using your tapes; he had most of them. I must have been very susceptible to hypnosis, because I began to reach very deep, relaxed states. So, that’s my story. I’m exited to get your new higher self CD, and the chakra one is my favorite, so I want it on CD instead of tape. The others are just ones that sound good to me in my life right now. Thanks for sticking with your tapes, and being a messenger. From: Walter, Carrie R.

I bought your stop smoking tape many years ago and never used it. Then in March of 1998 I felt the need to finally over come the 25 year old addiction to cigarettes, and I found your tape among my collection. I began by listening to your tape (just the “day” side) at work and talking to my son about why I needed to quit. I then added Zyban to the regimen – determined that I would not fail. I began to cut down and then on April 1, 1998 I quit. I am still quit – I even had to move home and my Mom smokes heavily – I am still quit and cannot stand the thought of smoking again. The tape, continues its journey, and is getting more use. A co-worker and her husband made the decision to quit on 1/1/07 and are happily using the tape. They are now on their 5th day of freedom. I am so glad I got to say thank you, I have been looking for more of your products and just found you today. Thank you again. Carrie

Yes, I have used your tapes before. Actually I still own many of your tapes including self healing and money prosperity. These are the two tapes I like most and they are a bit worn out now. I first encounter your tapes when I was in New Zealand 10 years ago. They help me to get through some of my bad times. Recently my health deteriorate. In the new year eve I suddenly rediscovered your tapes and am now using them. I felt much better and therefore want to know if there is CD version. Therefore I went to the Net and found your web last night and order the CDs. Regards, Gordon

Wow! It’s wonderful to have an email from a famous person!! Yes, I have used your products before. I think the first time was back in 1986… I have tried other brain wave things and subliminal tapes, but with experience, I’ve come to rely on the only ones that work…and they are the Subliminal Persuasion/Potentials Unlimited cassettes! I even have a very OLD order form, from when you used to be in Michigan! I even bought special tape players to play them…a LONG time ago, it was very hard to find auto reverse players, especially in a Walkman-type headset. At the time, it cost a lot of money to have something so technically advanced! Do you remember those days? Boy, they’ve come a long way now! Anyway, every cassette I have ever owned either got eaten up by the spindle or warped from mega-use. With a CD, this will change! Are the sounds more crystal clear now?? Just wondering. Thanks much for writing back so quickly. How do you like emailing people now? It’s very convenient, and MUCH quicker than snail mail, and cheaper than long-distance calling, huh? Hugs, Maria J

Greetings Martin: Just got on the web before turning in for the night and wanted to drop you a personal “thank you” for the order. I have a very good friend who has been using the Regeneration tape for almost 20 years, if you would like to talk with him personally I will supply you with his email. I have never had anyone order five Regeneration programs so naturally I am curious, how are they going to be used? If you have some time I would really love to know. Barrie :)>

Dear Barrie: First of all, I am really happy that you send me the e-mail. I want to talk with your friend. I ordered 5 Regeneration programs because we are a group of 5 friends that practice Transcendental Medication and our Teacher has use your tape, and she looks like 35 but…she really is 59 years old, our teacher is the singer “NACHA Guevara”.

Yes, as a matter of fact I have used your products before. About four years ago I purchased a tape from a book store recorded by you for weight-loss. I started listening to it every evening for 30 days. You would not believe the will power I had. Healthy living became an integral part of my lifestyle. When I started I weighed 280 lbs. That was November 1, 1996. By March 1, 1997 I weighed in at 190 lbs. Also, during that same time frame I developed an urge to become more active. My sedentary lifestyle had involved no exercise. I now am a bicyclist with over 12000 Miles under my belt. This includes two four hundred mile tours. I am also training for a five hundred mile tour that will take place next fall. With the extra drive, stamina, and ability to deal with stress, my life began to change in other ways as well. I had been a paramedic on the streets of Kalamazoo since 1989. The company that I worked for started to notice a change in me as well. I received two promotions since 1996 and I am now the operations manager for our division and provide supervision to about 60 employees. So as you can see, your products made a direct, as well as indirect impact on my life. Thank you. As I stated before I’m training for a bike tour for next fall. I felt the need. Thanks again for the difference your recordings have made in my life. J. Brian Scribner

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