A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion. All Self Hypnosis scripts are the same. The music used on the Subliminal version differs and can best be clarified by listening to the Audio Sample.

MS = easy listening, SCII = Baroque classical, MSTR = Upbeat, EW = Emerald Webb, Female Voice = Not Barrie

Hello, Greetings, and Welcome

Below you’ll find descriptions of the titles in the Potentials Unlimited Metaphysical Series.

Astral Projection*Birth Separation*Chakra Meditation*Channeling Your Higher Self*Conception*Develop Your Psychic Abilities*Healing Abuse-A Past Life Approach*Parallel Lives-Separate Selves*Past Live Regression w/Mate of Lover*Past Life Regression*Past Life Therapy*Psychic Healing*Psychic Protection* Remote Viewing * Talents/Abilities From Past Lives*Time Traveler*Subliminal Teachings of Jesus*Visualization-Aura Reading*World Peace

Astral Projection

In the consciousness classes I have conducted, numerous people were able to successfully complete their first astral trip. Prior to taking the class, many of these people had absolutely no awareness of the concept at all. In this tape, I have taken the programming that has proven successful, and added an extra dimension of sound to make it more effective. Allow two weeks to prepare – using this tape – and you, too, can join the increasing number of people who are having out of body experiences.

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Birth Separation

The birth experience for most people is so traumatic that it represents the closest we have ever been to death. Birth trauma could be the source of asthma, headaches, depression, and body aches. Try this test: inhale deeply and hold it. If you find yourself pulling in your stomach when you inhale, your body mechanism is backwards, probably due to birth trauma. If you desire, this tape could help correct your breathing and release the negative feelings that surround your birth.

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Chakra Meditation

There are seven in the body. In Sanskrit they are called Chakras. each chakra has its own frequency and color. When you activate a chakra using its sound and color, you unleash incredible cosmic and psychic power – powers that literally supercharge your body and mind. This program will teach you to activate each chakra, balance it and release its energy upwards. Using this program you can expect greater mental, physical, and spiritual energies, besides increased feelings of well being.

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Channeling Your Higher Self

You are a three-part being. You have a body, mind, and a Soul. you have a mind that has a conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious. More than anything, you are a Soul. You do not have a Soul, you are a Soul. A small portion of you, the Soul, is in the body. A larger, multidimensional portion of you, called the Over Soul or Higher Self,. exists simultaneously outside the body in all times, and in all spaces, and in all incarnations, in the absolute moment of Now. Everything, Mind, body and Soul is a part of the Once Creator. This program will put you in touch with your multi-dimensional Higher-Self.

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This tape is designed for those couples who wish to have a child, but are experiencing difficulty in consummating the pregnancy. This program works because first you will know when the most likely time is for conception. And second you will have already drawn to you a Soul who choose to be your child. Besides that it will take the pressure off allowing you to be more relaxes and at ease. Amazing results have been achieved using this program in clinics in Florida.

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Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Each of us possess some degree of psychic abilities far above those we recognize. Mix the elements of desire with a good coach and even a rock can become psychic beyond its wildest dreams. Do you believe a rock is psychic or has dreams? Actually, you would be amazed at what a rock would say to you if you only knew how to communicate with it. and that is my point. You are missing out if you think for one moment that this world is all there is. To communicate with other worlds, you begin with desire and a coach. I am the coach. do you have the desire?

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Healing Abuse: A Past Life Approach

If you are a student of metaphysics and willing to take responsibility for everything in your life (and this includes the abuse you have suffered), use this tape. This tape guides you to search your past lives for the event or events that culminated in abuse in this lifetime. Accepting responsibility for your reactions to the event provides you the freedom to forgive. Forgiveness leads to self-love, self-respect, and peace of mind.

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Parallel Lives – Seperate Selves

THE EDUCATION OF OVER SOUL 7, by Jane Roberts, introduces the exciting concept that a Soul may be expressing more than one life at a time. You can test this concept for yourself. Are you experiencing life in more than one time and place at this very moment? Why not? The only limitations that exist are the ones you accept. Your potential is unlimited.

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Past Life Regression with Mate or Lover

Have you lived a former life with your present mate or lover? Sometimes, you may get that feeling – and rightly so. We tend to return to life surrounded by those persons who will afford us the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. We often change sexes, nationalities, religions, and family positions. The past often holds the key to understanding the present. Explore your past life relationship(s) with your mate or lover and add meaning and understanding to your present life experience.

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Past Life Regression

Fascinated by your past? Have you lived before? If so, where? What time? Who were you? Than you are primed for this program. From the very first playing of this program, you will be guided by your Higher-self or Over-Soul to explore three reverent past lives. You will re-experience them as though you are watching a movie. You will learn where you were, who you were, an what experiences you had in each of these past lives that are influencing you today. No doubt you will also find that you are surrounded by people from your past.

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Past Life Therapy

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!” “What ye sow, so shall ye reap.” The law of cause and effect: Karma. The experiences that we plant in our past lives are harvested within four lives of that experience. Some harvest adversity, pain, hardship and physical or mental problems. It is possible to reconstruct your present life by releasing yourself of all the negativity of the past. The Law of Grace can be invoked to release you from the Law of Karma.

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Psyhic Healing

We could be capable of healing our own body and the bodies of others. Your thoughts, actions, and beliefs have a profound effect upon those around you who suffer from illness. This tape can make you a positive influence. I will guide you, step-by-step, through the mental process necessary for psychic repair. Follow it, and I guarantee satisfaction.

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Psychic Protection

On this tape, I give you those techniques and methods that are necessary to safeguard the integrity of your mind. When you open up psychically, you also open the doors to certain negative forces and influences. You must be able to protect yourself against these unwanted intruders.

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Remote Viewing (Time Traveler)

For years, I have guided people through the pages of history into time and space, to expand their awareness of the world in which they live. Now, you can experience ~Atlantis, and open the secret passageway in he Sphinx and journey into the treasure room. There is also a mysterious adventure awaiting you on a spaceship. Use this tape. Please let me know where your journey takes you.

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Talents/Abilities from Past Life

Generally, it takes more than one lifetime to become a master in any single area of accomplishment. Whether it be a boxer, writer, doctor, parent, or hypnotist, one life builds upon another. Use this tape to bring to your conscious awareness the knowledge of your past talents and abilities. These abilities can enable you to discover your life’s real purpose.

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Sublimital Teachings of Jesus

After I wrote and recorded this tape, I sent it to people who suggested it for their review. They listened to it and passed it on to several ministers. When asked if I felt inspired as I wrote and recorded this tape, I smiled and nodded yes. I hope you will be inspired by it also.

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Visualization – Aura Reading

Some come by it naturally, while others must practice to develop the skill of visualization. One of the keys to creating your own reality is mastering the art of visualization. An additional benefit can be your ability to see and read auras.

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World Peace

Mother Earth is wounded. She has put up with our barbaric behavior, insensitivity and general lack of awareness much too long. Individually and/or collectively, WE are responsible for the condition of our planet. Our thinking affects the weather, tides, temperature and the earth’s shifts. One person, YOU, can make a difference.

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