Excel In Sports

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion. All Self Hypnosis scripts are the same. The music used on the Subliminal version differs and can best be clarified by listening to the Audio Sample.

MS = easy listening, SCII = Baroque classical, MSTR = Upbeat, EW = Emerald Webb, Female Voice = Not Barrie

Hello, Greetings, and Welcome

Below you’ll find descriptions of the tapes in the Potentials Unlimited Sports Series. Other series are listed at the right.

Baseball *Be A Better Bowler *Better Table Tennis *Better Tennis *Body Building *How To Be A Great Golfer *Inner Dance of the Martial Arts Master *Joy of Exercise *Racquetball *Running/Jogging *Skiing with the Wind* Walk-Don’t Jog


Seasoned professional? Weekend player? These tapes are designed to enhance your concentration and improve your fielding and batting ability. I would not want to face a team that has been using one of these tapes. All tapes cover catching, fielding, batting and running, and each specializes in one area.

Baseball – CATCHING

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Baseball – HITTING

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Baseball – PITCHING

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Be a Better Bowler

Relax. Concentrate. Take a breath and throw a strike. Then, do it again and again. After just one week of mental practice with this tape, you could find yourself adding 10, 15, even 20 pins to your game. It is amazing – it can work every time!

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Better Table Tennis

Play it as an amateur and you call it “ping pong.” Play it in competition and you call it “table tennis.” It is one of the fastest games around. With this tape, I could have been a champion.

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Better Tennis

A good tennis player is physically fit, mentally alert, and psychologically “in tune” with his game. You can improve your game of tennis a significant degree by working with this tape at your bedtime.

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Body Building

Close your eyes and picture the perfect body. That body could be yours if you have the determination to make it so. Start seeing the perfect body reflected in your mirror, not just in your mind.

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How to be a Great Golfer

Great golf is the result of a well-coordinated body, working in harmony with a well disciplined mind. The combination of these two things can produce terrific results. The principles of relaxation, coordination, and concentration detailed in this tape ensure a superb game of golf. Do not purchase one for your golf partner, that would be carrying a good thing too far!

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The Inner Dance of a Martial Arts Master

There is a moment of time that escapes all description. A moment that is best described as the inner dance. It is this inner dance you seek as you move upon your path to master the martial art of your choice. To experience the freedom of inner dance, use this tape as instructed.

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Joy of Exercise

Even with the best of intentions, many ‘people need a shove to make exercise a routine part of their lives. Play it at bedtime and you can awaken with a desire to exercise. Give yourself that first push now and purchase this tape.

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The first time I played this game, I lost the game to my son. Then, I went home and wrote this tape. Can you imagine what happened next?

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There are two types of runners, and you have probably seen both. The first slogs along, looking like he is disgusted, tired, and ready to drop. The second has a peculiar expression on his face, as if in another world or on an incredible high. It has been discovered that after running 45 minutes or more, the brain releases a chemical. This chemical stimulates creativity, logical thinking, and brings on a beautiful, natural high. Using this tape, you can learn how to mentally release the chemicals in your brain. Not into running? After listening to this tape, you may be!

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I am using the jogging/running tape. It has been very effective. Your tapes are really helping overcome the blocks. – G. W. Philadelphia, PA

Skiing with the Wind

The wind cracks. The sounds cascade across an ocean of snow. You take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale. At the end of the exhale, you begin moving downhill. You are one with your skis. You are one with the day.

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Walk – Don’t Jog

Of all the exercise I’ve done in the past year, taking a brisk walk with my wife is not only good exercise, but it is also our special time to be together. Even with that as an incentive, I have developed this tape to aid you in acquiring the discipline necessary to carry out your desire.

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