P  O  T  E  N  T   I  A  L  S  ·  U  N  L  I  M  I   T  E  D


Within you is the ability, the seed of greatness, an unlimited potential. It is only awaiting the stimulation of your desire to spring forth and bring you to whatever you desire. You have the key to that door. Only you can unlock it. Only you! For many people, one of my tapes is the first step in unlocking that door. It could be for you, too.

Improve Your Life with

Barrie Konicov’s
Potentials Unlimited
   Self-Hypnosis/Subliminal Persuasion Programs
        Because Change Begins in Your Mind

Tap into the incredible power of the subconscious mind with Potentials Unlimited.

Research has show that subliminal learning is the best way to reach the untapped potential in our mind, releasing tremendous power for changing deeply ingrained habits, overcoming addictions and introducing new information and skills.  For over 30 years, Potentials Unlimited founder Barrie Konicov and associates have been creating tools for reaching that vast unexplored power in our minds.  His subliminal and self-hypnosis recordings have changed the lives of countless men and women worldwide.  Now it’s your turn.

Transform your life with the power of subliminal learning when you select from over 180 powerful audio and video/DVD titles designed to give you the power to learn and change while you sleep.

The Founder of Potentials Unlimited, Barrie Konicov

In 1976, founder and subliminal teaching pioneer Barrie Konicov established Potentials Unlimited Inc. Since then, he has written and recorded over 180 subliminal messaging self-hypnosis programs. Countless grateful listeners have come to associate his trademark “Hello, Greetings, and Welcome” with a new beginning in their lives.

In 1991, Barrie’s daughter, Stephanie Konicov-Banfill, joined her father’s mission.  She continues the tradition of providing life-changing resources through Florida-based I.M.P.A.C.T. Publishing. Today I.M.P.A.C.T. Publishing, Inc. is the largest producer of Subliminal Persuasion/Self-Hypnosis tapes in the world.

Let Potential Unlimited Help You Transform your Life

One individual, communicating truth with conviction, is a majority.”

You possess the key to unlock the door to your truly unlimited potential. Today is the day to begin that process.  Let our Subliminal Persuasion and Self-Hypnosis programs get you started.

Each program has been created to address a specific problem or area of concern in your life.  The scripts are designed to encourage your mind to tap into your deepest strengths, allowing you to use your own potential for change and growth.  Unlike medication or traditional change therapy methods which work by changing you from the outside, subliminal changes occur entirely from within. The tools for transformation are already there.  Our job is to help you find and use your own inner abilities.

The power of the human brain

Your mind is the site of your own unlimited potential. It is your power center, the seat of your memory, the monitor of all your bodily processes. It regulates your heartbeat, your body chemistry, your very breath.  It sorts and analyzes the input of your five senses in more detail than the world’s most sophisticated computer.

The brain is also capable of creating great transformations in our lives.  Stories abound of people who have overcome decade’s long addictions or lifelong habits to completely change their lives.  Unfortunately, such dramatic shifts can be difficult to accomplish on our own.  For most people, it’s difficult to simply choose to make these life altering changes, and effectively incorporate them into their lives.

That’s where subliminal learning comes in. When presented with positive suggestions accompanied by visual imagery, color, and the rhythm of words spoken as notes, your mind can help you bring into reality whatever it is you desire. As simple as it sounds, the results can be truly amazing.

You need to choose to change

Only you can make the decision to change your life. These tapes are teaching devices, empowering you to release your unlimited potential.

Look around and decide what it is in your life that you want to change or improve. Whether you want to control overeating, stop smoking or learn a new language, the programs Barrie created are a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to help you achieve those changes you desire. The decision is yours. You have the key. Only you can unlock the door.

Two approaches to change on each recording

The Subliminal Version

The sounds of the ocean blend with gentle soothing music – beautiful sound without interruptions. Below your level of awareness, yet at a point where it reaches effectively into your subconscious mind, we have recorded a series of carefully researched and tested words and phrases designed to encourage the behavioral change you desire. Consciously, you will hear only the music and ocean waves. But your subconscious will hear and receive the subliminal messages recorded beneath these soothing sounds.

The Self-Hypnosis Version

A series of suggestions are first given to bring about a pleasant state of relaxation or light hypnosis. You will then consciously hear the same suggestions as in the subliminal portion. This combination helps you balance and co-ordinate the activities of your conscious and subconscious mind, creating a unity of thought and action – an essential component to your success.

When played at your regular bedtime, you will probably drift into a natural sleep. But your subconscious mind never sleeps. Repeated playing of this tape at your bedtime will enrich your mind with suggestions designed to bring about the desired changes.