How to Handle Critism

Nobody likes to be put down, hear that they have done wrong, or have their faults pointed out to them. In a word nobody likes to be criticized. Learn how to turn criticism into valuable lessons, by changing your reaction.

Accepting criticism is an essential skill in today’s highly competitive and often judgmental world. Learn the art of turning a bitter critique into constructive criticism by taking your reactions off automatic pilot. Once you master these lessons, you will know how to find the value in negative comments, and use them to improve your life.


How to Handle Critism MS

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Dear Barrie,  About nine to ten years ago I started buying hypnotic tapes from Potentials Unlimited. Since then I have found your tapes to be most effective. They do the job. From time to time I select a tape and play it each morning and night. After listening to your voice for so long, I thought I’d drop you a line and say hello. Keep making those good tapes. John C. Port Richey, FL

I have lost weight, stopped smoking, stopped drinking, gained self confidence, can take criticism better, rarely get sick, reduced procrastination by 50%, abated my temper, developed a positive and enthusiastic state of mind, worry less, have less stress in my live, improved memory, better self discipline, study better, free from guilt, exercise almost daily (and enjoy it) and have hardly any acne. So you see I have every reason to Thank your method. I have gotten rid of most of the forced conditioning and am finding the real person I am. I enjoy life, even the not so good days. Can’t thank you enough. Maureen M. APO, SF

Effective Speaking

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Effective Speaking

According to surveys, the fear of public speaking is more common than the fear of death.  What happens when you get up to speak?  Do you feel  your stomach, heart, and throat, throughout  your entire body?

If you experience an overwhelming fear of speaking before a group, this program was designed for you. You will learn to relax and enjoy the opportunity to address a large group.

                                                       This title is now available on MP3, Cassette Tape, CD,

 media formats.

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This program is from the Living Success Series


Hey, I have been using your tapes for more the 10 years and I am glad that you finally have CD’s available for purchase. Thank you so very much for this. I have recommended your tapes and CD’s to many friends as I have found them very helpful. I certainly hope that you continue in your efforts to help people through-out the universe. On a more personal note you should know that I have used your pubic speaking tape, prior to this I was unable to speak to more then two people at one time, after listening to your tape I was able to overcome my fear of speaking was able to speak to a group of eight hundred physicians at the same time. I am respectfully yours.

Stephanie, I am so enjoying the results I am already receiving from the Effective Speaking tape; it is truly exciting. Thanks to you and your father for making this product available. You both will be forever in my thoughts. Thanks again, Marjie K, via email.

I have used Effective Speaking for nearly one month now. I must say, the initial listening and the very next day, whamo! I was totally at social ease, smiling radiantly, bringing forth people into my glorious radius. It was as if by magic: I was a totally new person. The sessions continued, for one month’s time, as what is recommended, and I can say congruently, the changes have been amazing. I am fully myself in every interaction speaking with absolute precision, warmth, self confidence, and persuasion. Incidentally, the hypnosis work I have experienced with Barrie has been transformational!  Thanks Barrie! Michael C. via email

I love your tapes – and have since the mid-80’s. As a professional speaker, I listen to Effective Speaking before a program to help me touch each person. When I travel, I always bring Self Healing. As a keynote speaker at a conference, I cannot let my client down by not being able to perform in my time slot. It’s not as though I can put this commitment off until the next day. In 27 years on the platform, I have never missed an engagement! The third program I would not be without is Overcoming Jet Lag. I have spoken in 17 foreign countries and wouldn’t leave home without Overcoming Jet Lag. As the tape suggests, I reset my watch, then sleep with the tape running on a continuous loop. I am about to invest in these programs in the CD format – which will be ever more convenient and helpful! In several of my motivational, leadership and stress management seminars, I recommend Potentials Unlimited to audience members and include the Potentials Unlimited phone number and web address in my handout material. Nancy Hightshoe, MA 
I purchased, “Creative Writing”, “Creative Thinking”, “Effective Speaking”, and “Memory Improvement“.  Wow, I have really unleashed a lot of wonderful creative energy.  Thank you so much.  I have listened to “Effective Speaking” for at least a year on and off.  I still have trouble with public speaking: something I really want to overcome.  Do you have any other suggestions as to what would help me finally conquer that fear?  I did see a tape about visualization, so I was thinking that may be helpful.  I also will be ordering your book, and a saw a few other tapes I am interested in. Sorry this is so long. Just wanted to say THANKS so much. I am very grateful to you for your tapes.

Time Management

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Time Management – Self-discipline is Success

Time management is the cornerstone of success. When you become a success in your mind, you automatically do the activity that brings you to the success that you seek. Discipline is the magic ingredient that makes being, doing, and having automatic.  Time management skills are the key to success in any venture.

Let this program help you master the art of time management.  You’ll learn to budget your time and eliminate time wasters. Success could be right around the corner with this program.

                                                          This title is now available on  Cassette Tape, CD

Super Consciousness SCII Cassette Set,

 Super Consciousness SCII CD Set,

 Super Consciousness SCII MP3

 media formats.

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This program is from the Success Series


Hi Barrie, I have used your tapes before. At different times I have had all the tapes I ordered. I got them at book stores around the country. I have loaned them to friends in the course of my travels. I have had good experiences with the tapes myself. Self discipline is a success. It helped me through recovery from drug addiction. During that period I also used Self Healing, Self Hypnosis and Concentration. I began seriously practicing martial arts in 1984. I didn’t find the inner dance until ’91 and it helped me to advance. I’ve also used the self hypnosis tape to help me enhance my ability as a jazz musician. Thank you very much. Charles

Lower Blood Pressure

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Lower Blood Pressure

About 72 Million Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. While attending a hypnosis convention, I witnessed a demonstration using hypnosis as a natural treatment for hypertension.

After the workshop, a doctor asked me to produce a program that would teach self-hypnosis and gear the results to lowering blood pressure. The result was this program which uses the power of the mind to reduce blood pressure.



                                                                  This title is now available on


                                                                                    MP3,  CD


                                                                                 MASTER MP3


                                                                                 media formats.


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                                                              This program is from the Health Series



Greetings, Thank you for your response to my letter of gratitude. Of the many tapes that I purchased from Potentials Unlimited my three favorites are, Stopping SmokingWeight Loss and Lowering Blood Pressure. The following results were accomplished, no cigarettes for nine years, thirty five pound weight loss and a milder medication for my Blood Pressure which is now completely under control. My neighbor borrowed my Stopping Smoking tape, liked it, bought two tapes one for her brother and self. Now there are three of us who are butt free. On the Self Hypnosis tape, Barrie concludes with and your life will be fantastic. That’s why I listen to two tapes daily because my life is fantastic. A lot of people needs your help. Keep it up. Thanks again, John C Port Richey FL

Fear of Success

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Fear of Success

Sometimes it’s difficult to put your finger on it. A person with incredible talents goes just so far and then falls flat on his face. They may do it again and again!  Why? What is the secret that is buried deep within the mind? I know, because I’ve been there. You’ll know too, when you are ready to let it go and become a success!

This self hypnosis subliminal persuasion self improvement program will help you uncover the secrets and fears holding you back from the success you deserve.  Don’t let a fear of success block your path to greatness. Clear that path today!

   This title is now available on MP3, Cassette Tape,  CD,


Super Consciousness SCII MP3

  Super Consciousness SCII CD Set,

 Super Consciousness SCII Cassette Set

media formats.

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This program is from the Success series


Potentials Unlimited,

I am grateful for your tape “Fear of Success” and grateful that I had sense enough to buy it. It’s great! It’s exactly what I need. Charlie R. Las Vegas, NVSince I wrote you things are getting better and better for me. What a wonderful change is taking place in me! Your tapes are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. For years I’ve been searching, hunting, looking, for the answer to my problem. Trying to find Peace of MindHappiness, success. I bought all kinds of books, saw different psychologists who did nothing.I must admit, after all that said, I bought your tape with trepidations- but also hope. Maybe this was the answer. Lo and Behold it was! G-d almighty you saved me! Bless you people for putting out these tapes. As I said, you saved me because I was seriously considering suicide. But that’s all over. It’s a new life for me. A great life. Charlie R. Las Vegas, NV

Dear Barrie-  Received your  e-mail  inquiries  as to my  order.   I  did  mean to order two stress  CD’s.  The second is for my  daughter.  All the others are for myself.  I am not on  any  anti-depressant  medication now, although  I  have been in the  past.  I first came in contact with your tapes in 1986 ,  when they were  given to me by my therapist.  I have found them to be very helpful over the  years, and was thrilled to find your website on  the internet!   I look  forward to receiving  your newsletter.  Thanks again.Marianne

Channeling Your Higher Self

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Channeling Your Higher Self

One of the most effective ways to bring about major transformations in your life is by connecting with your higher self.


On this program I guide you step-by-step to consciously make contact with your Higher Self.  By so doing, you can have greater knowledge of what it is your Higher Self (soul) would have you do. You will experience new insights, unprecedented personal growth and a renewed sense of purpose.


This title is now available on MP3, Cassette Tape, CD


Super Consciousness SCII Cassette Set


Super Consciousness SCII CD Set


Super Consciousness SCII MP3


media formats.


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This program is from the Metaphysical series



Dear Mr. Konicov, I have found myself more relaxed and falling into deep sleep no matter which tape I play. It seems as though years of accumulated tension is being released. Sincerely Yours, Germaine W. Philadelphia, PA

Hello! Greetings! and Welcome! The note you are about to experience is a very special one. It is a thank you note. Thank you means that my conscious mind has been unaware of the suggestions for change that have been directed entirely to my subconscious mind; that subconsciously my mind has been aware and able to act upon each suggestion for change and I see results in my life now. In a moment, consciously, you will tune in to gentle gratitude and satisfied sound of the knowledge that you have helped me. The changes have taken place (and are taking place) in my life as they should without effort, without thought, without strain, which is great because I really needed to change in big ways. I did “Self Healing” and “Money” for 30 days straight. I have 26 tapes now. I believe that they are “going in ” faster due to all of the releasing I’ve completed with the orange liquid. I recognize many of the sources you’ve used. Think and Grow Rich, Rebirthing, etc and I’m glad to find the information in such an easy and inexpensive format. Truly I Thank you very very much! Love Stacy C. Denton, TX







Joy of Exercise

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Joy of Exercise

We all know exercise is important.  And most of us try over and over to start exercising on a regular basis.  But then we get bored or busy, and we forget to work out.  How can we keep up a daily exercise routine over time?

Even with the best of intentions, many people need help to make exercise a routine part of their lives. Play this Self Improvement tape program at bedtime and you can awaken with a desire to exercise.

This title is now available on MP3, Cassette Tape,  CD


 Super Consciousness SCII CD Set,   Super Consciousness SCII Cassette Set

Super Consciousness SCII MP3

 media formats.

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By the way, beginning on January 14, I started really listening to The Joy of Exercise every night.  A little over 6 weeks later, my body’s reshaped itself.  I’ve been on the treadmill almost every day and have worked out on weight machines at least twice a week.  For the first time in my 61 years, I really do enjoy the exercise and look forward to it.

As a side benefit, I can’t walk across the room without my husband admiring me and saying how proud he is of what I’m doing.  I’ve lost several pounds, my legs and posterior have muscles I didn’t know existed, and I’m getting my waist back.  I’m 61 years old, I weigh 121 pounds, and I plan on being in a bikini by June (at least wearing one in the house for my husband). Kay B., Pine Grove, California

I have never written to a company about a product and probably would not be doing so today had I not purchased the Joy of Exercise tape and found your picture on the back. I have to tell you how much you have changed my life. With your help I went from 179 to 139 in less than a year. I had tried all the programs you could name, but my problems were emotional and no one helped me like you. I am now a happy, healthy 32 year old mother of 3 who jogs 3 miles and walks 2 miles before 9:00 5 days a week. Your product is a g-d send I can’t praise it enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mrs. Sely H. Galloway, OH

Hi Barrie
Yes I have used your tapes before.  I used the one for exercise and one for weight loss back in the early 80’s.  I set a goal for myself and with the help of your tapes I reached my goal.  I was going through my relaxation/meditation/self-help collection the other evening and found those tapes.  They were full of dust and sounded pretty bad, but when I heard your voice I remembered back when I was into my fitness program and how motivated I was.  My husband and I have recommitted to a fit lifestyle and so I decided to order new CDs. The price is unbeatable.  Thank you.  And thank you for being such a help to me and so many others. Barby

Dear Barrie, I am please to say that with your “Joy of Exercise” tape, I have achieved my goal of exercising 3X a week and yes, I am enjoying it. The thoughts on the tape are beautiful and very inspiring. I play my subliminal tape in the car during the day and it really relaxes me. I also find I am drinking glasses after glasses of water. Your tapes REALLY work, Sincerely, Roberta J. LA CA

….I began with your weight loss tape. I have lost more than 100 lbs… I have never looked or felt better. Your tape helped me to understand why I had allowed myself to gain weight and , once understanding why and accepting responsibility, it was relatively easy to lose weight. the Joy of Exercise tape, using it only a few time, has motivated me to do and enjoy daily exercises. ….I mentioned my lack of self-esteem, self-confidence…well, using your self-confidence tape helped me in this area. Sincerely, Golda K. Kerns, UT

First thing is that I used your exercise tape and it was fantastic. I now enjoy exercising and get up early every morning before I go to work and exercise for appx 45 minutes. Darlene C. Swanton, OH

How to Use at Bed Time

Each of my tapes is designed to be used at your regular bedtime. Each tape has a series of suggestions to bring about a pleasant state of relaxation. Playing the tape at your regular bedtime will cause you to drift off into a deep, natural, and restful sleep. Because your subconscious mind never sleeps, it will accept suggestions for change better without the interference from your conscious mind. Repeated playing for 30 days will saturate your mind with positive suggestions that are designed to bring about the changes you desire.

Read the frequently asked questions for more about our Subliminal Persuasion™ products.

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Super Consciousness

2 Tape/CD Sets with Double Layered Subliminal “Our Most Powerful Tape Format!”

Super Consciousness II Programs truly help you reach your maximum potential.


  1. No introduction for uninterrupted repeated listening
  2. Same message both sides or whole CD
  3. Play during work, play, sleep or even driving
  4. Classical Music


  1. Self Hypnosis on both sides/tracks for continuous play
  2. Classical subliminal track as a background for Self Hypnosis
  3. For use in a relaxed setting or as a sleep tape

Abuse Healed Through Forgiveness
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Be Positive
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Body Building
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Chakra Meditation
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Co-Dependency to Self Discovery
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Creative Thinking
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Creative Writing
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Developing Your Pyschic Abilities
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Fear of Success
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Goal Setting
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I Want to be Happy
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Joy of Exercise
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Memory Improvement
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Money Prosperity
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Overcoming Procrastination
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Past Life Regression
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Relieve Stress and Anxiety
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Self Confidence
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Self Healing
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Stop Being Angry
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Stop Smoking
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Tapering Off Somoking
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Time Management
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Weight Loss
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Will Power
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