Hearing Restored

At 18, I was introduced to the book Think And Grow Rich. In this book, Napoleon Hill tells the story of his son who was born without ears and eardrums. Through suggestion, the boy’s body responded, the mechanism for hearing was developed, and the child attained 60 percent of normal hearing ability.

In Prevention magazine, an article told of a boy who was losing his hearing. His father, believing in the power of the mind, prepared an audio program. It was played for the child during the nights. The boy’s hearing is now completely normal.

This program could be the key to saving or restoring lost hearing. If loss of hearing is a problem in your life, listen… to your heart.


Hearing Restored MS

The Subliminal portion of this MS program contains easy listening music

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Hearing Restored SCII

Super Consciousness (SCII) programs contain Baroque Classical Music on the Subliminal Component

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Every title comes with…

  • Self Hypnosis component (you hear all the words and phrases): Self Hypnosis is designed to be used in a time and a place where it is safe to fall asleep
  • Subliminal component (you will hear music): Subliminal is designed to be used anytime/anywhere

Years ago I purchased 3 or your subliminal tapes and have used them off and on for many years and achieved desired results. Thank you, Patty Y. Salt Lake City,UT