How to Attract Love

A Self Hypnosis program by                                                                     

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

How to Attract LoveThrough the mental processes contained on this self improvement program, your consciousness can be magnetized and automatically draw to you the love you desire.

You will learn how to attract the one you love, or how to find love when your life seems empty.  This totally natural process will happen when you expand your own “love awareness.”

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I have come so far with your hypnotherapy cds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I started my childhood with both parents who didn’t love themselves so they did not know how to give me love. When I became an adult because of your attracting love cd I was able to feed myself emotionally. Now I can sustain a relationship and feel love for others as well as for myself. I cannot rave on about your products enough. With deep gratitude, Sony C.  Rowville. Victoria. Australia

I’m 20 and studying the 7th semester Electromechanical Engineering  at Mexico City, I born and live there.  Your tapes have helped me so much; I suffer my parents divorce when I was about 12 and that causes me so much emotional problems, I get angry for anything, you can  imagine all the problems a  boy-teenage could had at that moment. Once day I found your tape how to attract love (atraiga el amor, is in Spanish) in the most hidden place at Sanborns a famous gift shop in Mexico, and I decided to buy it, the package was so damaged  and for that reason had discount.
Through the time pass, I could see the effects, my life changed radically, and I want to thank you for all those beautiful things I  can see now. I tried to buy more tapes in Mexico, but I haven’t found them, and finally decided search for you in Internet, and thanks to God I have  found you, more better, I can thank you personally, (or by mail) I’m waiting my order Moisés
About 8 years ago your how to attract love tape saved my life, I recommended and passed it on to many people. I gave it to one man who was in the pub one night, he was very down. When I said, “Your hurting, aren’t you?” he burst into tears. This man was a drunken regular where I work. He told me he could not get over the pain of a broken relationship from 2 years previous and that he’d been a drunk since. I saw him months later; he was sober, even looked handsome and was doing great. He was so happy he just had to come and tell me how great he’d been feeling, and how positive his life now was.
Well Barrie it must be good cause I haven’t seen him drinking in the pub ever since.

Dear Mr. Konicov, You “How to Attract Love” tape is great! I first listened to the tape in 1992. I listened to it about once a day for over 30 days. And yes, I did meet the man I married in February of 1994. When I met my husband, I just felt great about myself and life. I didn’t care if I got married, but I felt confident that I would meet someone to date and I would have a good time. As it happens, we did get married, and we are very much in love. But I have to tell you I still listen to the tape. What this tape does for me is help me to deal with the world in a loving way. I listen to the tape before I have to deal with difficult people or situations. Thank you so much. Dorothy A. C. Carmel, IN

Dear Mr. Konicov,….But if I had to choose one special tape, I would say the “How to Attract Love’ tape. It is a beautiful tape. You works introduce people to the fact that all change takes place from within and if we are truly ready for change, then your tapes help one clear the way for this change. Thank you for your contribution to humanity. Vincent S. Westmount, CAN

Greetings, Enclosed in an second order for your special tape Super Consciousness “How to Attract Love”. I have experienced great changes in my life and I am looking forward to even greater changes in my love relationships. I am so grateful that someone took the time to research and come up with something that truly helps a person to change their life for the better. Thank you Barrie for doing first that, giving a person a chance at happiness. May the universe continue to bless you in all the good you are doing. Thank you for helping to make me aware of the love I can truly have. Evelyn, H. Long Beach, CA

Within a few days after I ordered and listened to How To Attract Love, my fiancee proposed to me after swearing he would never marry again! A lot of people seem to love me now thank in part to these suggestions. And I love people more. Thanks! Kirie P. Edmonds, WA