Pain Relief

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Pain Relief

As a professional hypnotist, I have helped many people rid themselves of pain in the back, stomach, legs, arms, and head.  I will help you tap into your higher self using hypnotic suggestion and communicate with your subconscious mind. Such pain could be caused by birth defects, disease, or negative thinking.  Natural pain relief is possible using the mind’s own power over pain.

I have put three of my most effective techniques on this program.  Use it to free yourself from chronic pain without addictive drugs.

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This program is from the Pain Management Series


The Pain tapes have helped me to view my experience of pain with a more relaxed attitude and thus develop methods for coping with and reducing pain in my body. All of the tapes have helped me in difficult times when I am in great need of rest by allowing me to quickly achieve a deep sleep. I consider the tapes to be a source of comfort and relief…a place to turn to when I am having physical and/or emotional trauma. Debra W. Venice, CA

I was given your tape on pain some time ago and I find it very helpful in handling my problems with pain. Anthony F. Phoenix, AZ

I was given a tape two years ago that was titled Pain Relief. One side had Subliminal Music and the other was titled Self-Hypnosis. The tape has “worn out” from use. in short I LOVE IT and can not find it anywhere in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Carmen S

Thanks Potential Unlimited, I started listening to your tapes about ten weeks ago.. and I can’t believe the changes in my life. My children and friends are saying don’t you look great. I’ve listened to many of the tapes. Freedom from Quilt, Birth Separation, and Pain Relief are the ones that make the most difference. I look at the world thru different eyes. I could write on and on because I’m so completely sold on the tapes. Thanks Barrie. Sincerely, Ruby J