A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

This is the conceptEach sign of the Zodiac has its positive and negative aspects. As individuals, in order to master our own destiny, we must rise above our negative traits.

Each tape in this series makes you aware of your sign’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, you are guided into a technique that frees you from the negatives through the alchemy of your mind. From there, you’re guided into a level of self-hypnosis where positive suggestions are given to you. Each suggestion is specifically designed for your sign to strengthen you from within.

It has been said that a wise person rules the stars. That has been my purpose in creating this new series – to provide you with the knowledge to rise above the turbulence of your sign. I hope you find it valuable.

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This program is from theAstrology series
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