Effective Speaking

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Effective Speaking

According to surveys, the fear of public speaking is more common than the fear of death.  What happens when you get up to speak?  Do you feel  your stomach, heart, and throat, throughout  your entire body?

If you experience an overwhelming fear of speaking before a group, this program was designed for you. You will learn to relax and enjoy the opportunity to address a large group.

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This program is from the Living Success Series


Hey, I have been using your tapes for more the 10 years and I am glad that you finally have CD’s available for purchase. Thank you so very much for this. I have recommended your tapes and CD’s to many friends as I have found them very helpful. I certainly hope that you continue in your efforts to help people through-out the universe. On a more personal note you should know that I have used your pubic speaking tape, prior to this I was unable to speak to more then two people at one time, after listening to your tape I was able to overcome my fear of speaking was able to speak to a group of eight hundred physicians at the same time. I am respectfully yours.

Stephanie, I am so enjoying the results I am already receiving from the Effective Speaking tape; it is truly exciting. Thanks to you and your father for making this product available. You both will be forever in my thoughts. Thanks again, Marjie K, via email.

I have used Effective Speaking for nearly one month now. I must say, the initial listening and the very next day, whamo! I was totally at social ease, smiling radiantly, bringing forth people into my glorious radius. It was as if by magic: I was a totally new person. The sessions continued, for one month’s time, as what is recommended, and I can say congruently, the changes have been amazing. I am fully myself in every interaction speaking with absolute precision, warmth, self confidence, and persuasion. Incidentally, the hypnosis work I have experienced with Barrie has been transformational!  Thanks Barrie! Michael C. via email

I love your tapes – and have since the mid-80’s. As a professional speaker, I listen to Effective Speaking before a program to help me touch each person. When I travel, I always bring Self Healing. As a keynote speaker at a conference, I cannot let my client down by not being able to perform in my time slot. It’s not as though I can put this commitment off until the next day. In 27 years on the platform, I have never missed an engagement! The third program I would not be without is Overcoming Jet Lag. I have spoken in 17 foreign countries and wouldn’t leave home without Overcoming Jet Lag. As the tape suggests, I reset my watch, then sleep with the tape running on a continuous loop. I am about to invest in these programs in the CD format – which will be ever more convenient and helpful! In several of my motivational, leadership and stress management seminars, I recommend Potentials Unlimited to audience members and include the Potentials Unlimited phone number and web address in my handout material. Nancy Hightshoe, MA 
I purchased, “Creative Writing”, “Creative Thinking”, “Effective Speaking”, and “Memory Improvement“.  Wow, I have really unleashed a lot of wonderful creative energy.  Thank you so much.  I have listened to “Effective Speaking” for at least a year on and off.  I still have trouble with public speaking: something I really want to overcome.  Do you have any other suggestions as to what would help me finally conquer that fear?  I did see a tape about visualization, so I was thinking that may be helpful.  I also will be ordering your book, and a saw a few other tapes I am interested in. Sorry this is so long. Just wanted to say THANKS so much. I am very grateful to you for your tapes.