Develop Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is that inner spark that brings excitement to life. It is also a quiet power that can be called upon to change the conditions and circumstance in your life. But for many people, age, responsibility and disappointment have robbed them of enthusiasm.

Restore your enthusiasm with this hypnotic sleep program. Played at your bedtime, your subconscious will begin to recreate your life into an exciting adventure by bringing the spark of enthusiasm to everything.


Develop Enthusiasm MS

The Subliminal portion of this MS program contains easy listening music

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Every title comes with…

  • Self Hypnosis component (you hear all the words and phrases): Self Hypnosis is designed to be used in a time and a place where it is safe to fall asleep
  • Subliminal component (you will hear music): Subliminal is designed to be used anytime/anywhere

I currently am utilizing the titles ‘Develop Enthusiasm’, ‘I Want to be Happy’ and ‘Self Hypnosis’ which were available here at a shop in the west end of London, UK. There is a wealth of supportive information on all three tapes and I must say, they have got me through some very dark and difficult times. They have also brought out positive strengths in me that have been sleeping latent of late. Wonderful!

\I am an unemployed music composer who doesn’t really have the finance to pay for 1 on 1 hypnotism sessions so when I found that these NHS approved tapes were available I jumped at the chance of giving them a try. And they work. A blessing indeed!

I bought your dads Enthusiasm tape several years ago and it has played a key part in development of my sales career. As a result of listening to the tape my sales ability has continued to improve and I have closed £10 million pounds worth of sales over the past 10 years earning around a million pounds in commissions along the way. KB, London, England