Fear of Death

Allowing the Fear of Death to control and dominate your mind, you can’t live your life to its fullest. Rid your mind of this fear with my suggestions on this tape. Conquer your fear and begin to live again.

This program is designed to help you free your mind from both avoiding and obsessing on death and dying. Play it at your regular bedtime and the fear of death will begin to vanish from your mind.


Fear of Death MS

The Subliminal portion of this MS program contains easy listening music

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Fear of Death SCII

Super Consciousness (SCII) programs contain Baroque Classical Music on the Subliminal Component

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Every title comes with…

  • Self Hypnosis component (you hear all the words and phrases): Self Hypnosis is designed to be used in a time and a place where it is safe to fall asleep
  • Subliminal component (you will hear music): Subliminal is designed to be used anytime/anywhere

I have suffered from Thantophobia (Fear of death or dying) for many years. After just a few sessions with the mp3 the anxiety and fears have greatly reduced by the soothing experience obtained from the tape. I am indeed grateful. Paul D.Toledo, Ohio

Dear Sir: I am seldom serious about anything, but after using your tape “Fear of Death” I had to write and thank you seriously. In July my door was kicked in by burglars while I was at work, then just a month later someone tried to break in in the middle of the night while I was at home. I became very frightened and apprehensive, and remained that way even though I had window and door guards installed. After using the tape for only a week, I was sleeping soundly at night, taking showers without fear, and functioning as a normal individual instead of a fear-ridden neurotic. My home has always been a place of peace and tranquility, a place to retreat from the stresses and strains of modern life, and I thank you  for restoring that peace and tranquility to me. In our church bulletin this morning there was an article about Jesus which said in part “He met people where they were and took them where they never dreamed they could go.” In a different way, that is exactly what your tapes do. Sincerely, Sharon P. Las Vegas, NV