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Series by
Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion. All Self Hypnosis scripts are the same. The music used on the Subliminal version differs and can best be clarified by listening to the Audio Sample.

MS = easy listening, SCII = Baroque classical, MSTR = Upbeat, EW = Emerald Webb, Female Voice = Not Barrie

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The following titles are by Barrie Konicov who has created over 180 Self Hypnosis/Subliminal Persuasion tapes to assist you in changing, modifying, and improving your life. The following page encompasses A-G titles. Look right for view by series ( Audio Series) or Alphabetical (Tapes/CDs on left)


It hurts so bad you could cry and sometimes you do. It is an emptiness, a feeling of despair, a belief that no one cares. True or not, it does not matter… because the feeling is real. It is overpowering you. If it is time for a change, time to snap out of being lonely, this tape can help.

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Loss of A Loved One

How do you handle the death of someone close to you? What is the meaning, the purpose, the mystery? On this tape, you can learn how to handle the pain, heal the hurt, put the pieces back together, and heal the open wounds.

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Lower Blood Pressure

Ten to fifteen percent of all Americans have high blood pressure. While attending a hypnosis convention, I witnessed a demonstration using hypnosis for the treatment of this disorder. After the workshop, a doctor asked me to produce a tape that would teach self-hypnosis and gear the results to lowering blood pressure. He wanted the tape for both himself and his patients. If you or someone you know has high blood pressure, consider this tape.

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Lowering Cholesterol

You can lower your cholesterol in three easy steps. One, begin an exercise program. Two, change your diet. Three, relax. This tape is designed to promote changes in you that will make exercise, diet and relaxation an automatic part of your life.

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Mental Birth Control

It is possible to influence every cell of your body by thought and this includes the reproductive system. There are certain little known visualization and self-hypnosis techniques that can provide effective birth control. This tape utilizes those techniques.

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Migraine Relief

I remember the first person I worked with who suffered from headaches. She had experienced them for ten years. I remember her sheer joy when she reported she had been free from headache pain for an entire week. With our money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but your headache.

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Miscarriage – The Aftereffects

The miscarriage you experienced needs to he addressed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Failure to do so may put future pregnancies in jeopardy, and therefore, reflect in the emotional health of both born and unborn children. This tape creates an atmosphere for healing, and guides you to the cause of your miscarriage. The original cause may be found in your family tree.

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My Parents, Myself

Why does there have to be so much animosity between parents and their children? Why is it that some parents either cannot or will not let go of their children? Why is it that some children just will not break free of their parents? You can be 8 or 80, but if you are not free of your parents, free to be your own person, your life will never be your own. Use this tape and set yourself free.

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Natural Bust Enlargement

In the Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Vol.19, there are two articles dealing with bust enlargement through hypnosis. Both report very favorable results. This tape is based directly on the methods used by the researchers who conducted those studies. As a result of the suggestions on this tape, the change in your figure could be most favorable.

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Operation-Before and After

This tape serves two purposes: first, to help remove the fear of impending surgery; second, to help speed your recovery after the operation. Personally, if I or someone I know needed any operation, I would insist on this tape.

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Pain Relief

As a professional hypnotist, I have helped many people rid themselves of pain in the back, stomach, legs, arms and head. Such pain could be caused by birth defects, disease, or negative thinking. I have put three of my most effective techniques on this tape.

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Painless Dentistry

Enjoy your next trip to the dentist Many dentists are now using hypnosis in their practices. Purchase this tape and condition yourself for your next dental appointment. Learn to put yourself into a hypnotic sleep, and to use your mind power to deaden the area where the work is to be done. No laughing gas, no needles, just the power of your mind.

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Peace of Mind

How many times have you cried out in anguish, “I would give anything for a little peace of mind!” This tape could bring you the peace you are seeking. Remove worries, problems and cares so you can live peacefully.

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Premenstrual Syndrome

This tape arose out of a session I had with a client who experienced very difficult menstrual periods. Since that time, all has changed for her – it can for you, too! Many studies point to the fact that chemical changes in a woman’s body during her period make her more prone to anger, accidents, and extreme mood changes. Begin using this tape five days before the menstrual cycle begins.

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I believe completely in the effectiveness of hypnosis and use it daily. After my own successful weight loss, many began to ask me for help, so I now have begun to teach weight loss through hypnosis, using your tape as a part of the program. – A.H. Auburn, CA