I love My Body – Female

When we do not feel good about ourselves or our bodies, nothing ever seems to go right.

In working with thousands of people in weight control classes, I have found that a negative body image is usually at the root of eating disorders. If you find yourself saying “I hate my body”, odds are you will not like your life. This feeling is automatically and subconsciously projected to others; they reflect those negative feelings right back to you.

Change your beliefs about your body, and you will change your entire world.


I love My Body – Female MS

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I love My Body – Female SCII

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I am more than happy to share in Love and Light what the tape, “I love My Body-Female” has done for me as a person. I did not know if the tape was working and after about the 30th day I noticed strange and exciting things happening. I noticed that when I would look into the mirror, I was not complaining anymore, but instead was feeling more and more feminine and actually talking to my body and face, etc. and being appreciative that I even had one. This led me into a spiritual self awareness of being grateful that I was blessed with all of my fingers, two eyes, etc. A general conscious awareness that I was first of all whole and complete. In the beginning I would throw a negative at myself , I would automatically replace it with three positives immediately. I would recommend this tape to females no matter what age who have been molested as children because it would release them from feeling negative toward a body that in their minds brought them physical harm, etc. The tape showed me how to forgive others and myself, how to throw out the old and make way for the new, never realizing the New could not enter if the old was blocking the door way. The tape was the key that opened the door for me. I recommend this tape to all women in general because My Self-Image, Happiness, Spirituality, Awareness, Contentment, Powerful Self were all trapped and locked inside of My Body and the tension because it could not get out, was physically exhausting me. Everyday, in small ways, which grew like mushrooms into bigger ways, were I would willingly allow myself more and more abundance. The programming is like a Newer Self Image that has moved inside of me when the old self-image was moving out. it whispers You deserve it. You are lovely, You are ok. The other voice that lived inside of me did not care. Great menopause tape… it would help women from going over the edge…no one has a menopause tape on the market. During menopause is when all of the TV commercials, etc. got into my computer and it sort circuited out. Thank you for caring enough about Love and Life to share your great talent with the world so that we too may reach our own Unlimited Potential. May God Bless you and return to you more than ten-thousand fold all that you have given to so many and to me. Most Sincerely F. N. Wheaton, IL