So You’re Out of a Job

This program serves two purposes: first, to help remove the fear of an impending surgery and second, to help speed one’s recovery after an operation.

Your mind has the power to help you overcome fear and heal after surgery. Access this power with this effective program.


So You’re Out of a Job MS

The Subliminal portion of this MS program contains easy listening music

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So You’re Out of a Job SCII

Super Consciousness (SCII) programs contain Baroque Classical Music on the Subliminal Component

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Every title comes with…

  • Self Hypnosis component (you hear all the words and phrases): Self Hypnosis is designed to be used in a time and a place where it is safe to fall asleep
  • Subliminal component (you will hear music): Subliminal is designed to be used anytime/anywhere

Greetings, Well in a couple of weeks I will be ordering a few more of your tapes, psychic healing and a couple others. Here in Michigan there used to be a bookstore which carried quite a few of your titles. I know for a fact that your tapes do work wonders. An example I listened to your So Your Out of a Job tape the subliminal side 4 times and the phone began ringing with opportunities. Places that I had forgotten that I had applied at began calling for interviews.

Dear Potentials Unlimited, Currently I am partially disabled and unemployed and Tape #121, So You’re Out of a Job” has helped me come out of the slump I was in. Thank you again, Tony A. Webster, NY

I just wanted to let you know I got the  “So You’re Out of a Job” MP3 while I was looking for my second job, and I landed the job very quickly and for a lot more money than I expected, It’s a hard job, but it’s much appreciated in this economy. Good luck, and thank you for continuing to offer the programs and update the web site. Theresa M. via email