Ping Pong / Table Tennis

Play it as an amateur and you call it “ping pong.” Play it in competition and you call it “table tennis.” Either way, it’s one of the fastest games around.

Learn the strategy that will take you further than any standard ping pong tips. And if you’re coaching table tennis, you’ll want this powerful program to help all your players improve their table tennis game.


Ping Pong / Table Tennis MS

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Dear Potentials Unlimited, Here it is! I sure hope you can use this… I had the powerless feeling that the big table tennis match was quickly slipping away from me. I had already lost the first game and I was trailing badly in the second. My confident opponent was scoring point after point, the hometown crowd that had been cheering me on was now very quiet, and I felt helpless to stem the tide. I had trained over six months for this tournament and I just couldn’t believe it would end like this. Then inspiration struck! I remembered the instructions on my tape. I turned my back to my opponent, took a deep breath and held it for the mental count of four. I then slowly exhaled while counting backwards from eight to one. When I turned again to face my opponent, I noticed a somewhat quizzical look on his face. When play resumed I was transformed. To everyone’s amazement I turned the match completely around. Now it was my turn! I played the best table tennis of my life. The ovation I received from my friends when I was awarded the Championship Trophy is a memory I will always treasure. I’m very proud of my victory. Never before have I dedicated myself so completely to a goal and then accomplished it. I know that my “Championship Table Tennis: tape played a big role in my success. Thank you, Barry T. Walnut Creek, CA