Arthritis Pain Relief

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Arthritis Pain Relief

Incredible as it seems, hypnosis can provide significant arthritis pain relief.

This innovative natural arthritis treatment works by stimulating certain areas of your mind through suggestions of progressive relaxation, resulting in an increased flow of warm blood to the afflicted area. You could begin feeling better after the first playing.

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This program is from the Pain Management Series


HI P.U., your MS Arthritis Pain Relief MP-3 is Heaven Sent, and better then Tylenol Arthritis Pain tablets. Gordon G.  Sacramento, California

Could you please tell me where I can obtain a copy of Subliminal Arthritis Pain Relief audio Tape. I have been using it and found it Wonderful!! Thank you, Patricia B. Quebec Canada

Dear Sir: I have been using my tapes faithfully for over 3 months and know that they are making my life easier. I am able to cope with my arthritis much better. I have been recommending the tapes to all my friends and relatives. In fact my daughter borrowed my weight tape and conveniently forgot to bring it back. My niece took my catalog for she wanted to order from it. So you can see I have to guard my tapes when I have visitors. Sincerely Henrietta B. Glendale Hts,  IL

Gentleman, Before another day passes, I must tell you how much relief I’m receiving from your Arthritis Pain Relief tape; it has saved me countless trips to the doctor. After being lulled to sleep by Barrie’s voice, I awaken totally refreshed and without a hint of pain! Many thanks to Barrie for sharing his wonderful talent with so many people. He’s helping them to help themselves. I, for one, am deeply grateful. Sincerely Veronica D. Obernburg, NY