Taking Exams

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Taking Exams
Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach when tests are being passed out and instructions given? Do you freeze during exams, even when you know the material and are well prepared? During exams, has fear paralyzed your mind so completely that you feel you are going to pass out? You have text anxiety.  The good news is, you can beat it.

Can you picture yourself actually looking forward to taking an exam? Can you imagine reading over the material, knowing that each and every question will be answered easily, effortlessly, and automatically, confident that all the information you studied is available when you need it?  Those are the study skills and attitudes this program will deliver.


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This program is from the Education Series


Hello, Greetings and Welcome. You have the ability to do well on exams…..When I was in engineering college at Rutgers University I was having a tough time. My grades didn’t reflect the effort I was putting into my studies. A friend of min from high school was also in the engineering program. We used to call him “4.0 Freedie” because he always got an “A” in every class. Not only was he smart, but he had an amazing ability to do well on exams. So, one day I asked Fred for some advice on how to improve my grades. He didn’t give me any advice; but he did give me a tape titled “Taking Exams” by Barrie Konicov. I started using the tape senior year and from that point until graduation, I got an “A” in every course I took. Two years later in grad school for business, I completed 72 credits earning all “A’s” and one “B”. Imagine the opportunities that were opened to me by graduation at the top of my MBA class! I woe it all to Barrie,…well…and to Fred Russell, too. Regards, Michael Tortajada via email.

I told a friend in one of my classes about my problem and she told me how she conquered smoking and weight loss through your subliminal/self-hypnosis tapes. I agreed that the concept was interesting so she bought me the tape “Taking Exams” and gave it to me. I have found myself more relaxed and much more confident when I take a test now. Thank you, Mrs. Cheryl O.

Dear Mr. Konicov, et al: During my last month of preparation I turned to your tape Taking Exams. Some parts didn’t apply as the LSAT is nothing one can study for, but the parts about placing the thumb and forefinger together and relaxing both helped my confidence and raised my performance. I scored a scaled total of 39 out of 48, placing me in the 87th percentile or top 13%. I have been accepted at five of the eight schools to which I have applied and three are still pending. Not only did the tape help me during the exam, it helped me keep my composure before and after the test date. Due to my success, I went out and bought the Weight-Loss tape so that I could drop the excess poundage I put on while studying, and hopefully before I start law school. I really would like to have it back. Sincerely and with great appreciation, Randall N. Valencia, CA

Dear Stephanie, I came in to possession of a couple of old tapes from friends or relatives which have helped me tremendously. As someone who has to retake the State Bar Exam, I find the stress sometimes unbearable. These tapes have been my savior by keeping me calm and collected. I feel that I am again in control of my life. I no longer have the knot in my stomach every time I think about the exam. I am truly glad I found your site. Thank you for all the good work. Regards, AL Y via email