Money Prosperity

A Self Hypnosis program by                                           

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Money ProsperityMoney Prosperity

Money – Prosperity

Experts say you cannot become rich in your pocket until you become rich in your mind.

Wealthy people are not necessarily smarter or harder working than you. Yet, there are subtle differences in their thinking and self image that turns whatever they touch to gold.  The rich do think about money in a different way.

This difference is the “consciousness of prosperity.” Begin preparing your consciousness to attract the riches you deserve today. Awaken the financial genius within you now.

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Around 20 yrs ago I was browsing in a book store and I came across Barrie’s “Relieve Stress and Anxiety” tape. I was going through some personal issues at the time I bought the tape  I was very skeptical about what it promised. I used the tape as described and the results were nothing less than amazing. To this day I have to say that tape has been the single most positive influence in my life.

About a week ago I was reading someone’s blog on a web site, and he credited Barrie’s “Money and Prosperity” tape for the financial success he was enjoying. So out of curiosity, and my experience with the other tape, I decided to order the mp3.
Scott B. La Habra, Calif.

Since I’m moving to Germany in September I wanted to raise $3M. So, I’ve listened to your Money-Prosperity nightly since June – and I’ve raised $14/M. It’s an incredible tape! BW, Teaneck, NJ

I must tell you how wonderful your tapes are! I started with your Money Prosperity and within one month I received: a substantial raise, an offer of partnership in my business, a large tax refund when I’d thought I’d pay and a bonus to pay for my daughter’s trip to Florida when I didn’t know where I’d get it from. Susan Z. Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mr. Konicov, It was about a year ago that I purchased my first self improvement CD Money and Prosperity. The results that I received were no less than amazing. It helped me to improve myself and my situation, and bring an end to 6 years of unemployment. Within 30 days I was working. If course I had to do the work, but Money Prosperity gave me the motivation. My wife was present during the playings and during the first 30 days she also found work! Your product let us know that we can have anything we want. We have since purchased Self Confidence, Goal Setting, Fear of Success, Develop Enthusiasm and Creative Writing. They have helped us to modify our thinking, helped us in our work and helped us to become more successful, happier people. Mr. Konicov, I thank you, my wife and children thank you. James K. Hubbell MI

I started listening to the Money Prosperity and Self Confidence on a nightly basis and I have gone from unemployed, confused and frustrated to being very happy working as a stockbroker for one of the largest firms on Wall Street with a very promising future. I’m impressed with your programs. Jim P. Seattle, WA

I have been listening to the Money Prosperity program for over a month now and it works! Since I have started listening my salary has increased, I received on unexpected $1000 and numerous money making offer. Jackie K. Jackson, MI

…In about one month I received additional income from an unexpected source. Of course I had to work for it, but it was a very enriching experience in my life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Lydia S. Los Angeles, CA

I bought a Money Prosperity from B Dalton Books. I won $1450 on the PA 3-digit lottery exactly 30 days after I had begun using the tape! PS I took a photo of all that $1450. It works! Randy G. West Newton, PA

Thanks for the encouraging letter…

I hope you really are Barry Konicov, because I’d want to tell you that I have owned probably at least six of your tapes in the past. My favorite is Money and Prosperity. I remember the day I bought it. July in ’83. A beautiful summer day in NYC. I also purchased a cassette player at the same time. I rode my bike up to Sheep Meadow in Central Park, do you know it? It is a beautiful, huge lawn in the middle of the park. I parked my bicycle and stretched out on the lawn and listened to your tape (the hypnotic side). When I woke up I felt like I’d been on a mini vacation, yet, with all those people around me sunning themselves and playing Frisbee on the lawn and clueless to the experience I’d just had. What an experience!!!! 

Shortly after I started listening to your tape I changed jobs and doubled my salary!!!! I want to thank you!!!!
I love your tapes and am looking forward to building up my library again as much of mine was misplaced when I moved. I bought an old foreclosed two family house and have been renovating it for the past eight years- I really think your tapes helped me there too.

Adios and I’m very glad to have had this chance to say how appreciative I am.