Be Positive

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Be Positive

Learning how to deal with negative people is an essential life skill.  Successful people, positive people are often able to distance themselves from the negativity of others.

Learn the incredible power of positive thinking with a simple self help procedure which can effectively shield you from the harmful negativity of people around you.

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This program is from the Success series


I have been using your tapes since around 1988 or 1989…Not real sure. I had just burned out (career). And I was lucky enough to find your tapes in a local bookstore, I started using them. At first I would put a microphone under my pillow (so I would not disturb my husband) , then I ask him or he ask me, I can’t remember exactly, If he would like to listen to the tape and if so which one. He said the one the one that had the made the difference in me in the past ten days. He was amazed at the immediate difference they made in him also.

 My tapes are very worn and I need to replace them. Do you still have a catalog that I could get? The last catalog I have is with a Bradenton, Florida address. Please advise because I need around 10 or twelve tapes. Do you offer a discount? And finally what is the difference between the tapes and the CD version?
I usually put in two tapes when we go to bed that are related. Right now they are “Up From Depression” and “Be Positive”. We remain faithful user of your tapes and look forward to hearing from you. Brenda

Barrie, Thank you so much for replacing the Astral Sounds with Be Positive. It is more than satisfactory. I really am benefiting from its daily use right now.

I appreciate your concern and effort in turning me once again into a satisfied user of Potentials Unlimited tapes. Dorothy T. Fowlerville, Mi

Hi! Thought I’d enclose a quick note to let you know that I find your tapes truly effective. I have two more on my list to listen to, but will wait until my current tape, Be Positive, has taken hold. Thank you Joy F. Wheat Ridge, Co

I am currently using the Be Positive tape due to difficulties with a co-worker I was forced to work long hours with. After working on the problem for a couple of weeks I was offered a new job and promotion away from this person. These tapes really do change attitudes and beliefs within us so that we can bring about the desired change. Julie McCallum

…….You won’t believe this…..but who could have thought up such a story? Recently, while digging for cans in a dumpster, I found one of your tapes, drenched in old soft drink. The title: BE POSITIVE/Subliminal Persuasion. I cleaned it up….dropped it into a cassette player, and found it to sound as good as the day it was made! Being a negative person by birth, the title BE POSITIVE contained enough interest, I’ve been playing ti every day/night/or whenever I can afford a few ‘zzzzzzz’.

I think it works! I’m suffering thru a period of ‘a half-full glass….instead of a half-empty glass. I haven’t won the lottery…no one has offered to marry me….and no one has left me in their will. Therefore, I can only give credit for my different attitude to your tape. Incidentally, I’m too lazy to follow thru on the self hypnosis, so I only play the subliminal side. Thanx! Pat G. Phoenix, AZ