Subconscious Sales Power Transforming Sales Ability

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Subconscious Sales Power

Use the creative power of your mind to become a successful salesperson. Transform you sales ability. Attract customers who want to buy your product. Sell more to each shopper. Reduce the time you spend trying to convince people to buy.   If you desire sales power, this self improvement program can help you find it within yourself. This is one of our best sellers year after year.

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This program is from the Success series


As a salesman, I have increased my sales 300% through the use of the Sales Power tape. – J.M., Milwaukee, WI

Hi Suzie! Many years ago, when I was in outside sales, I purchased and used your Subconscious Sales Power tape while driving to my territory and throughout the day. In a matter of weeks, it didn’t matter how unmotivated I was when I started, I was up and ready to cold call anybody and everyone! It was GREAT! Emilie G. Auburn, CA

Mr. William S. of New York, New York, said he was calling from the New York Stock Exchange to order copies of Subconscious Sales Power. He had used the tape 6 or 7 years ago, with GREAT SUCCESS. He was buying a new one for himself and another for a friend and co-worker – and he wanted them RUSHED by Fed Ex.

Dear Barrie, Now that I’ve listened to your Sales tape for almost one month, I can say I sold in one month what it took me 6 months to sell last year! Sincerely, Janet P. St Paul MN

Dear Potentials Unlimited, Once again, I have seen and listened to yet another wonderful Barrie Konicov product. I rented one of your subliminal video productions from Blockbuster video last night. It is super! As usual, Mr. Konicov makes apparent his wonderful insight as to the exact nature of success in the area of the subject matter of his video, in this case the art of selling. Sincerely yours, Stephen E.R. Denver, CO

Dear Mr. Konicov, Your tape on Subconscious Sales Power is FANTASTIC! I started using the subliminal and the self-hypnosis side of the tape. The change has been unbelievable. In 3 days, I made major sales. I had pep, enthusiasm and a real pride and excitement in my product. I haven’t felt so self assured and confident in my life.! I want to say thank you, but that doesn’t express my gratitude. At the time I bought the tape, I thought $10 was a lot to pay. After my 30 days, be assured that after seeing and experiencing the change, I will buy other tapes on self improvement.

My husband can’t believe the change. I’m ALIVE again. What a fantastic feeling. Thank you Vanessa H. Ontario Center, NY