Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Weight Loss MS
Weight Loss
Weight Loss SCII
Weight Loss
Weight Loss FV
 The Subliminal portion of this
MS program contains
easy listening music
Super Consciousness (SCII)
programs contain
Baroque Classical Music
on the Subliminal Component
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 Female Voice FV
are Barrie’s script ready by
Sandra Bovee
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Weight Loss
Weight Loss EW
Weight Loss Management Set
Weight Loss Management Set
 The Subliminal portion of this
EW program contains
music by the group Emerald Webb
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This pack:
Weight Loss Management Combo
contains four titles for a very special price
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Every title comes with a Self Hypnosis component (you hear all the words and phrases)
Self Hypnosis is designed to be used in a time and a place where it is safe to fall asleep
and a Subliminal component (you will hear music)
Subliminal is designed to be used anytime/anywhere
Unsolicited Comments



The weight loss worked too I guess – lost at the last year 40 pounds 🙂  Michaela W. Karlruhe, Germany

I have been faithfully using the Weight Loss CD and it is AWESOME! Last night, I felt like I was going to “pig out” and suddenly, I said out loud, “I don’t WANT this! I deserve better!” and I didn’t do it! Weeeee!!! I love it and along with the subliminal playing, self hypnosis, and soon, hopefully, the DVD, I will beat this! Thank you!!! Patty S


Dear Barrie,
Yes, I have used the weight loss cassette many years ago, with terrific results.  I lost 80 lbs. the 1st try.  Several years later, I lost 60 lbs.  I wrote to you and explained how many of your cassettes I had sold in Waldenbooks, my employer at that time.  I am hoping you can send the CD with the ocean sounds and beautiful music, as I prefer that over the super weight loss music tape. Sincerely, Judy



Dear Friends, First I quit smoking after 39 years and it was so easy to do. And now I am losing weight just as easy. I only regret not knowing about your tapes before. Bless you all. Rosella A. Boyd, WI



Dear Mr. Konicov, Usually I don’t write a company, but I am making an exception in this case. I am currently on the weight-loss tape. This tape came very highly recommended by my dealership. I must say that I have never experienced or enjoyed eliminating weight as much as I have enjoyed your tape. In the past week, I have eliminated my salt intake, lessened my sugar intake and increase my water intake. I never really though these goals were possible, but even my skeptical husband has noticed a marked improvement. When I stared the Weight Loss tape I weighed 155 pounds. Now, I weigh 137 with measurements of 34-26-35. I have also had a chance to model. Jill P. Waldorf, MD


“To say that I have lost 40 pounds, started back to school, and finally quit smoking, is to leave out the important things I have gained – my fantastic new peace of mind and self respect. I am truly happy now and I have you to thank. Guenevere L. California Valley, CA


Dear Potentials Unlimited, Your tapes are miracles! I was 50 lbs overweight. I can only listen to it at night. The tape worked OVERNIGHT to curb my disastrous habits. I lost weight over the holidays! I’m well on my way to a size 7 again. Kathleen P. Schererville, IN



 I have been using your weight loss tape for just over 3.4 months and have lost 32lbs. I feel wonderful and have absolutely no doubt that I will take off the last 10lbs. Thank you very much. Mrs. Bonnie H. Ontario Canada



I purchased the tape Weight Loss and didn’t start using it, but my husband did. When he rested and before going to bed – he did it for about 5 to 6 weeks off and on. Well, that stinker lost 22 lbs. I couldn’t believe it. He kept it off over the summer and is still eating, well, different. His eating habits have changed. Deborah C. Whitehall, PA



Three and one half months ago I weighed 220 lbs. I felt trapped in an oversized, unhealthy body. I was angry at the world and taking it out on myself. Then I found your Weight Loss tape. I figured I could listen to that tape at night and on the off chance that it worked it would be great – if not, well it was only $10 – not a huge loss. I wasn’t expecting it to work, but amazingly it has! That tape has turned my life around. I’ve lost, since the weekend before Thanksgiving, 47lbs. Hunger has not been a part of it and my stress is almost completely gone. I feel absolutely terrific both mentally and physically. I have never felt this way about food before. There is no ‘will power’ involved. Goodies don’t even tempt me! Jackie M. Reynoldsburg, OH


I wish I had a picture of myself right now to show all of you that I’ve reached 144 pounds. It feels great to be able to wear a 28 waisted jean now. Everyone is talking about me. I’m the star of the clinic where even the Drs. are asking how I’ve done it. The way that I stay on track is by listening to your tape and remembering what life was like as an insulin taking diabetic. Your tape is the greatest. Mallisa M.F. Forest City, IA 


Your Weight Loss/Subliminal tape has really worked by eliminating the craving to eat between meals and at bedtime. First thing that has worked in many many attempts to lose weight. Dorothy B. Waldoboro, ME


At my suggestion, a family member purchased one of your weight loss tapes and promptly lost over 40 pounds. In addition the loss she described as nearly effortless. She was very surprised. I wasn’t. Good products work. Sincerely, Gloria K. Kansas City, MO 


I’ve been a diabetic for ten years and I had an incurable sweet tooth up until a week ago when I started listening to your tape. From the very first night, my ideas started changing. I’ve lost six pounds, most of it fluid. I haven’t had this kind of energy in years. I’m not a grouch like I was before. It’s such a great feeling to be in love with life from the minute I get out of bed in the morning. M. F. IA


I have lost 36lbs in 3.5 months. I feel better. I am able to sleep through the night. I was an insulin dependent diabetic and now I don’t take any at all. Arlene F Brownsville, TX 


I am happy to report that for approximately one month and one week, I have not binged on food. I have not dieted and yet I have lost weight. I owe this all to Potentials Unlimited Weight Loss Tape. Denise T. Philadelphia, PA



A few years ago I bought a weight loss tape from you; it has been the only thing EVER to help me lose weight – after listening to it for about 2 weeks, it kicked in. Over the course of the next 6 months I lost a total of 53lbs! I have been recommending your tapes to anyone who tells me they want to lose weight. Even after I stopped listening to it, I still managed to keep 45lbs off! I thank you. Your faithful customer, Corinne C St Louis, MO