I Want to Be Happy

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

I Want to be Happy

This is a powerful life changing program. Do you know you can learn to be happy?  This program can guide you to concentrate on harmonious, happy, and prosperous thoughts that bring you joy, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Mother Teresa said that happiness is a choice.  Make that choice for your life with this powerful program.

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This program is from the Health Series

My friend is currently using “Up from Depression” in combination with “I want to be happy” and “Relaxation“.  She was also using “Freedom from Worry“, but we were robbed while camping a couple of months ago, unfortunately the thieves took that tape.  My friend is certainly impressed with your tapes.  She has used many others.  She has even visited a psychologist/hypno-therapist and had tapes custom made for her in here in Canberra. She thinks yours are much better and certainly more powerful. We both think that this is quite impressive. I certainly never thought that your tapes would be better than having your own personal psychologist/hypno-therapist at your disposal, but the impact speaks for itself. Regards, Mark via email

Dear Stephanie, I am very happy with the “I Want to be Happy” Tape that I purchased for my 13 year old daughter. I can see an improvement in her attitude. She is more pleasant and happy. Geeta K. via email

Dear Barrie and Stephanie, I was so excited to find your web site! I came across you tape “I Want to be Happy” many years ago on a bookstore rack when I was an unhappy teenager. Your tapes gave me hope. In all my life, I had never heard a caring voice, until I began playing this tape. From that day, I began a lifelong program of self-care that has now helped me to attain a master’s degree and my first published children’s book. I’m much happier now than I’ve ever been my whole life. Your tapes have made and still do make a difference. Gratefully, Christopher D. Via email

Dear Barrie, Thank you so much for your gift and offering to the world. I listened to I Want to be Happy while drifting to sleep and I woke up laughing for no apparent reason. I listen to the Money/Prosperity tape at work al ot and this morning I woke up humming the music, not to mention I feel and am more prosperous than ever which makes me very happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. In Gratitude, Laura L M. via email

Dear Mr Konicov, Thank you so much for sending me the I Want to be Happy tape. I’ve been listening to it for almost two months now. And I knew the first two days that it was the right tape for me! I always though my problem was with my weight! But it doesn’t have anything to do with weight. I’ve never been told before that it’s ok to be who I am! I find that I’m more apt to talk to people at work and not worry that they are judging me on my appearance. I have to admit that I don’t listen to it every day, but I pop it on 2 to 3 times a week and really relax and feel super afterwards. Keep up the good work and thank-you again for making me (or helping make me) a very happy person. Thank you! Sheila D. F. Cadillac, Mi

Dear Mr Konicov and staff of Potentials Unlimited, I was to the point of extreme depression, which as anyone whose been there knows, borderlines self-destruction. I gained immediate relief after using the I Want to be Happy program in just one month. After over a year now of using this tape, my success emotionally, physically, spiritually and materially have reached heights I’d only previously dreamed of. I’ve decided to continue using the tape out of a great desire to discover how far that sleeping giant, the mind, can take me. Love & Light Suzanna B. Goldthwaite, TX

Dear Mr. Konicov, I am writing this long overdue letter to let you know how grateful I am for the exceptional work that you do. I cannot describe in words the difference in my attitude during the last 6 weeks since I began listening to I Want to be Happy, but I will try. I feel as though I have grown from a frightened, angry, lonely little girl to a (semi) secure, confident and happy woman. In the last several weeks I have discovered some wonderful things about myself. I LIKE ME TODAY. That sir, is a direct result of your tapes. I would like to close in saying that I’ve heard that G-d works in mysterious ways. I believe your tapes are one of them. Thank you from the bottom of my hear. Sincerely, Mary L. Natick, MA