Stop Smoking

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Stop Smoking

There is a way to stop smoking naturally.  This Self Help program can cut your habit off immediately. This is the same basic technique and procedure I have used on literally thousands of people over the years to help them stop smoking in my classes.

Now it’s your turn to kick the habit.  Give it a try…you just may find yourself smoke-free in no time.

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The stop smoking worked really great, I am nonsmoker since February 2000 !!! 🙂 Michaela W. Karlruhe, Germany

I have, in the past, purchased a number of subliminal CD’s from you. You helped me stop smoking and, for that, I thank you. The question is this, I recently purchased an Ipod and would like to transfer these CD’s to this device. Will they still work? Thanks, Howard S., Mundelein, Illinois

Dear Alisa,  Of course you can use my testimonial, Giving up smoking (9:30 pm, Dec. 14th 1987) with your help, is the best thing that I have done. I still have the tape in a box in the loft as a security blanket. Regards, Mick C. United Kingdom.  PS  If you want a more detailed description of me giving up smoking, I can do that as if it were yesterday.

Thank you from a satisfied customer. I am achieving all that the hypnosis says I can. I am 100% certain that they have majorly contributed to my recovery of abuse, and aided in my recovery of drinking and smoking. Thank you Angela H. United Kingdom

I used your Stop Smoking tape back on August 13th, 1989. I stopped 2 months after listening. I have not smoked since. It really worked! Thank you for saving my lungs. PS I am now a professional opera singer!!! Dan O. Toluca Lake, CA

I was an on again off again type smokers over my lifetime…well I used the tape/CD years back, I listened to it for a solid 30 days and set my stop smoking date three months in the future and when that day came Dec 5, 2003 I just stopped smoking – I had no cigs left and so I just cleaned the ashtrays and that was that! I refer this to every smoker I know…Now wishing the weight loss one will work the same for me. Deb J. Fort Meyers, FL

I appreciate all you have done and I will be ordering more titles from you in the future rest assured. I was successful quitting smoking 18 months ago and I will never smoke again. A lot of that was thanks to a Barrie Konicov recording so pass on the thanks if you get the chance. Andy B. Dublin Ireland

It’s now been 22 years since I quit smoking with the help of one of your tapes. I haven’t had even one puff since January 1, 1987!! It changed my life and made me believe I could do almost anything. I’d spent well over $1,000 on Stop Smoking, books, tapes, classes, acupuncture, and in-person hypnotists. Nothing worked until your program. I just wanted to say thank you. Kay B. Pine Grove, CA

Dear Barrie Konicov, Of Potentials Unlimited® I began listening to your tapes in 1989. I truly believe they have helped me to be a better Mother, Wife and Person in all areas of my life. One huge challenge I have had is Smoking at Christmas I received a IPod from my husband I ordered several mp3s one of which was “Stop Smoking”. I have smoked for 40+ years after listening to your tape for 3 weeks I lost the desire to smoke and have been smoke free for 2months with no withdrawls and no cravings. I believe it is the work of the Lord through your words. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and I know my children and grand children and great grand children thank you also as you have helped to change my life and extend it. Sincerely Jean Ray Glendale, Arizona

Hi I would like to thank Barry for helping me over the years starting in 1982 with the stop smoking tape which worked for me after the first listening, and others over the years. Linda C. London England

Barrie, I have used your tapes for quite some time, perhaps since 1984. I believe the first ones were Tapering off Smoking and Stop Smoking. I have actually used them to quit several times (another sheepish grin). It seems like I would always choose to smoke rather than review the tape and guide myself in a different direction. Chakra Meditation has given me a great deal of peace and calm and other subtle benefits that I wish to bring back into my life. I’ve been away from it for a while and want to return. Thank you very much for your work. I appreciate you. Perhaps we will meet someday and I can thank you personally.

“I just want you to know that I used your stop smoking tape and it worked great. It’s been a month and I’ve had no problems. I have quit in the past but it has never been this easy. – D. 0., Conway, MI

The first time I tried to quit smoking on my own, I gained 65 pounds and always wanted a cigarette. This time I used Stop Smoking for three months and then I was cigarette free. Recently I walked past a group of people outside an office building. For a minute I stood there trying to figure out what they were doing with those things in their mouths. It was as if my head was turned around and I was seeing as a non smoker. Very cool. Susan S.

Thanks for you Stop Smoking tape. I have quit smoking for 3 months with your tape after unsuccessfully trying on my own for 22 years. Patrick M. Clayton NC

I have used the Stop Smoking tape for 7 weeks and feel it is terrific. It has helped me accomplish what other no smoking programs didn’t. I really am a non smoker thanks to Potentials Unlimited. Nancy G. Takoma Park, MD

Because of the Stop Smoking tape I stopped smoking on the first playing after having smoked about 25 cigarettes a day for 15 years. Robert E. Rego Park, NY

I am not writing this letter to thank you for the tape that made me Stop Smoking after 29 years of smoking three packs a day, although I am truly grateful. I am no longer addicted to cigarettes, I am now addicted to self hypnosis programs by Potentials Unlimited. Sharon P. Las Vegas, NV

Words cannot praise these tapes highly enough. In the past few months I have quit smoking ( 8 weeks ago after 31 years) completely with no craving. Given up any and all use of alcoholic beverages ( 5 months). Almost completely reduced intake of caffeine and artificial sweeteners. You have changed my life. G-d bless you. Sandy S. Boyd, WI

Today marks one year since I started using your Stop Smoking tape. I was a smoker for 30 of my 42 years. 2.5 packs a day. Today marks one year since I put that poison in my system. Thank you. Kathleen H. Elmwood Park, NJ

I tried the Stop Smoking tape. Played it on December 16 and continued playing it as directed. As of December 21 I stopped smoking and I was a 30 year smoker. I was a 2 pack a day smoker. But now I no longer smoke! Gloria H. Poultney, UT

It’s been 5 months today and I’m still amazed that I no longer smoke. Several incidents have come up, however, whenever I’m temped I take a deep breath and count and the urge leaves. A year ago none of this was possible (not even writing this letter) Now I know my potential truly is unlimited. Thank you for the new me. Alice B. Rosamond, CA

I successfully used the Stop Smoking one about 15 years ago. Beverly L. Roseville, MI

I have been using your Stop Smoking tape for less than 2 weeks. Even though I haven’t quit completely yet, I have cut down from 1 pack a day to 3 packs a week. I noticed a difference in the way I feel about cigarettes immediately and the panicky feeling I used to get if I didn’t have cigarettes with me is gone. I never take my cigs with me anywhere. Edi M. No Hwyd, CA

I’m 27 years old and I smoked for 13 years and your tape worked fantastic! I stopped smoking 1.5 months after using the tape over nights. It’s so wonderful. sometime I can’t eve remember that I ever smoked! Thank you. Michaela W. Germany

I smoked cigarettes for the last 24 years of my life. I am free at last thanks to your Stop Smoking tape. I had no withdrawal symptoms, and I haven’t felt this good in years. Mrs. R. A. Pompano Bch, FL

I tried for 30 years to quit smoking. Thanks to your tape I succeeded. Thank you, Ruth P.

Barrie, You can to Houston, TX in March of 1991 and gave a stop smoking clinic in a hotel in Clear Lake City. I was one of the participants. I smoked my last cigarette when you gave us a break an d permission to have that last cigarette. I purchased a tape that night. I am glad I did. I played it twice a day for a year. I couldn’t ha e done it without you. Thank you so much. Now, I  would like to purchase a tape for weight loss. Again Thank you. Sue S. Houston TX