Self Confidence

A Self Hypnosis program by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited


One of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon yourself is the gift of self-confidence. Learn how to build self confidence.  Develop the ability to say, “No,” without feeling guilty. Acquire the self-assurance to feel relaxed and at ease when you meet people. Start on the road to a more confident you today with this vital program that starts you on the road to improving self confidence.

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Your tapes Develop Enthusiasm and Freedom from Worry helped…..worked almost immediately. I also fund Self Confidence and Peace of Mind excellent! Linda M.

I have used Self confidence, Memory Improvement and Good Study Habits audio and video tape programs. They have helped list me from a deep depression and have been invaluable in training my mind in order for me to return to college and realize my potential. Scott A. Colby, KS

I purchased you Self Confidence program and followed the instructions. After a month I not only felt the changes but actually say my life change for the better. They truly work. Thom H. Toledo, OH

I have benefited so much from your tape Subliminal Self Confidence. So much so, that I wanted to let you know about it! Lisa F. Tucson. AZ

Many years ago I bought your Success/Subliminal Series Self Confidence. It has enhance my life greatly. Margaret S. Cambridge, NY

I’m amazed. I have been using your Self Confidence recording for one month now. I noticed a marked improvement right away. This has been the most profitable and successful month of my life. You have given me back my life! Kay P. Miamisburg, OH

I got your Self-Confidence tape sometime back in the early/mid-1980s, if my memory serves me.  It has always seemed to me that out of all your tapes, that one is the most magical.

At the time I got that first tape, I was out of a job, extremely broke, and extremely depressed.  I’d gotten pregnant (unmarried) and had given the baby up for adoption; I was devastated and had quit college, lost my job, lost my friends, lost everything.  My family wouldn’t speak to me. Your tape made me feel better and stronger, yes, but there was more to it than that.  For example, I really needed some hard, cold cash, and money began to manifest itself in my life in the strangest ways….For example, I remember stepping on a big wad of $20 bills in Washington, D.C., about a week after beginning to work with the tape.  The police told me they’d contact me if anyone called in to report lost cash, but nobody did.  And I remember some money literally blowing across a sidewalk into my feet about a week or so after that. That sort of thing happened quite a bit. It was amazing.

There is some part of me that can make things happen in the world, and somehow your tape empowered that part of me in an extraordinarily strong way.

It does the same for my children.  They are not athletic and have not got many friends, as young boys their age tend to relate to each other via sports-related activities (my boys are 6, 9, and 11).  Their confidence levels are nonetheless VERY high.  My oldest son, William, listened to your tape quite a bit in embryo.  He is extremely artistic and intelligent, an independent thinker, and despite being rather frail physically, his sees himself as strong and capable.  Your tape also helps my boys reduce competitive feelings of sibling rivalry.  When William and his brother Steven (age 9) go through stages where they are fighting constantly and competing for my attention in negative ways, I have them listen to that tape every day. It REALLY calms things down in our home.  It seems to help me give them what they need inside, in their hearts, so that they are calmer on the outside. We love to listen to the subliminal side in the car and it helps us all feel at peace (and reduces my tendency to swear at other drivers).  😉

Another great use for your tapes, especially the Self-Confidence one, is as a pick-me-up, a sort of mental coffee break.  For example, we like to go on road-trip vacations in the summer (sure hope that gas prices go down soon!). On the way back from Idaho 2 summers ago, we had been caught in several thunderstorms during the day, couldn’t find a hotel room in the evening, and by nighttime we were terribly tired and kind of depressed.  I pulled over and put on your tape; we listened to both sides twice, and then felt so much better afterwards that the boys quit complaining and were able to quietly rest, and I began to feel content with the situation, despite the rain and the lack of sleep.  It is just incredible what the mind can do, given the right direction.

There are so many stories that I can tell, but I won’t go on and on (aren’t you glad?).  One thing more that I do want to tell you is this:  My childhood was very unhappy– my parents were violent, mother was an alcoholic, siblings were drug users, etc.  Our home was an angry, unsafe place full of chaos and extremes of emotion.  My life as a young adult was an absolute mess, as I said, when I first got your tape.  That tape helped me feel for the first time that I was not cursed or doomed to a life similar to that of my parents.  It was how I learned to work with myself, in love, rather than against myself.  I guess people have said this sort of thing to you a lot, but it really changed me and changed the entire course of my life.

And I really look forward to getting the tapes I’ve ordered!  Some of them, as I told your wife on the phone, are for my kids.  I would love to let you know how that goes.

Take care, and thanks.

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