Self Healing Programs

A Self Hypnosis listing by

Barrie Konicov

Author and Voice of Potentials Unlimited

Weight Loss Relieve Stress & Anxiety Money – Prosperity
Self Healing Self Confidence Joy of Exercise
Relaxation Stop Smoking Memory Improvement
Insomnia Develop Your Psychic Abilities Overcoming Procrastination
Up from Depression Concentration Creative Writing
Stop Drinking Be Positive How to Attract Love
Freedom from Worry Channeling Your Higher Self Self-Hypnosis
Chakra Meditation I Want to be Happy Fear of Success
Lower High Blood Pressure Subconscious Sales Power Time Management
Good Study Habits Past Life Regression Effective Speaking
Astral Projection Stop Being Angry Goal Setting
Peace of Mind Pain Relief Will Power
Creative Thinking Faster Reading Taking Exams
Out of a Job? Develop Enthusiasm Psychic Healing
Housekeeping With Love The Subliminal Teachings of Jesus Recapture Youthful Vigor
Body Building How to Be Popular Improving Vision
Psychic Protection Arthritis Pain Relief How to Be A Great Golfer
Relationship Reprogramming Fear of Failure Impotent-No More
Running-Jogging Co-Dependency Imaging
Tapering off Smoking Vietnam Veteran Visualization – Aura Reading
Get More Joy Out of Sex Healthy Teeth and Gums Loneliness
Time Traveler Fear of Driving Freedom From Guilt
Problem Solving Abuse Healed Through Forgiveness Migraine Relief
Twelve Steps to Freedom Freedom From Allergies Hyperactive Children
Loss of a Loved One Stop Biting Your Nails Lowering Cholesterol
Gay and Unhappy Freedom From Sexual Guilt Relief of Back Pain
Fear of Heights Walk – Don’t Jog Fear of Flying
Baseball My Parents, Myself Handling Disappointment
Hypnosis Training I Love My Body Past Life Therapy
Operation – Before and After Be A Better Bowler Divorce – No
Divorce – Yes Talents and Abilities from Past Lives Fear of Death
Stop Bed -Wetting World Peace Joy out of Sex
How to Handle Criticism Natural Bust Enlargement Successful Retirement
Inner Dance of the Martial Arts Master Healing Abuse- A Past Life Approach Parallel Lives-Separate Selves
Jealous Stop Loss of Hair Agoraphobia
Better Tennis Fear of Closed-in-Places Freedom From Drugs
Having a Baby Stomach Problems Death-Dying
Stop Stuttering Touch Me Rekindle the Romance
Thumb Sucking Hearing Restored Abortion- The Aftereffects
You and Your Child Conception Facial Tic
Fear of Crowds Freedom From Acne Love Triangle
Painless Dentistry Past Life Regression w Mate/Lover Weight Gain
Jetlag Removal of Warts Birth Separation
Fear of Water Getting a Raise Better Table Tennis
Premenstrual Syndrome Racquetball Skiing with the Wind
Mental Birth Control Miscarriage – The Aftereffects Adoption